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101Evelyngirllively, pleasant, life givingCeltic, Hebrew11Log In to Vote
102Fionagirlwhite, fairCeltic11Log In to Vote
103Hayleegirlfrom the hay meadowEnglish11Log In to Vote
104Ivygirlivy plant, a wine, God is graciousGreek, Hebrew11Log In to Vote
105JessicagirlGod's grace, woman of wealthGod's grace, woman of wealth11Log In to Vote
106Noellegirlborn on ChristmasFrench11Log In to Vote
107Quinngirlwise, queen, fifth bornGaelic, Greek11Log In to Vote
108Tatumgirlcheerful bringer of joyEnglish11Log In to Vote
109ZoegirllifeGreek11Log In to Vote
110Zoeygirl11Log In to Vote
111Aaliyahgirlhigh exalted, to ascendArabic, Hebrew10Log In to Vote
112Adelaidegirlnoble kind, adornedHebrew, Latin10Log In to Vote
113Aislinngirla dream, vision, inspirationCeltic10Log In to Vote
114Aliviagirlform of OliviaAustralian10Log In to Vote
115AnabellegirllovableLatin10Log In to Vote
116AngelgirlangelicGreek10Log In to Vote
117Caseygirlbrave, watchfulCeltic, Gaelic10Log In to Vote
118CelestegirlheavenlyLatin10Log In to Vote
119Eleanorgirllight, mercyGreek10Log In to Vote
120Ellegirlwoman, girlFrench10Log In to Vote
121Elliegirl10Log In to Vote
122EvagirllifeHebrew10Log In to Vote
123Katiegirl10Log In to Vote
124Leahgirlcow, weary one; glad tidings; mistress, rulerHebrew, Greek, Assyrian10Log In to Vote
125Lilliangirla lilyGreek10Log In to Vote
126Lolagirlstrong womanSpanish10Log In to Vote
127Mariegirlform of MaryFrench10Log In to Vote
128Morgangirlwhite sea; bright, dweller by the seaGaelic, Welsh10Log In to Vote
129Natashagirl10Log In to Vote
130Siennagirlreddish brownItalian10Log In to Vote
131Sierragirlsaw-tooth mountain rangeSpanish10Log In to Vote
132Sydneygirlfrom city of St. DenisFrench10Log In to Vote
133LilianagirlGracious Lily, Purity, and BeautyLatin10Log In to Vote
134Paisleygirl10Log In to Vote
135Nevaeh girla beautiful angel or heaven spelled backwardsLatin10Log In to Vote
136AdriannagirldarkRomanian, French9Log In to Vote
137Alicegirlnoble, truthGerman, Greek9Log In to Vote
138Aprilgirlblooming, openingLatin9Log In to Vote
139Audreygirlnoble strengthEnglish9Log In to Vote
140BrooklynngirlwaterEnglish9Log In to Vote
141Cadencegirlmelodious, to fallLatin9Log In to Vote
142Cassandragirlprophet of doomGreek9Log In to Vote
143Christinagirlanointed, follows ChristGreek9Log In to Vote
144Coragirlmaiden, small stoneGreek9Log In to Vote
145Elisegirlform of ElizabethFrench9Log In to Vote
146Eringirlpeace, western islandCeltic, Gaelic9Log In to Vote
147Jordyngirl9Log In to Vote
148Laineygirlsun rayEnglish9Log In to Vote
149Lenagirlalluring, temptress; lightLatin9Log In to Vote
150Lilithgirlghost, storm goddess, spirit of the nightSumerian, Assyrian, Hebrew9Log In to Vote
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