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1EadenboyAmerican1Log In to Vote
2Eamonboywealthy guardianAnglo-Saxon2Log In to Vote
3Earlboynobleman, warriorCeltic, Gaelic0Log In to Vote
4Earvinboyfriend, handsomeEnglish1Log In to Vote
5Eastonboy7Log In to Vote
6Eatonboyriverside villageEnglish0Log In to Vote
7EbanboystoneHebrew0Log In to Vote
8Ebenezerboyrock of helpHebrew0Log In to Vote
9Eberhardboystrong wild boarGerman0Log In to Vote
10Ebrahiemboy0Log In to Vote
11Edboywealthy guardian; short for the name EdwardEnglish0Log In to Vote
12Edanboyflame, fieryCeltic2Log In to Vote
13Eddieboywealthy guardian; short for the name EdwardAmerican2Log In to Vote
14Eddieboyhappy protectorEnglish2Log In to Vote
15Edenboydelightful, adornment, paradiseHebrew1Log In to Vote
16Edgarboyfortunate spearAnglo-Saxon1Log In to Vote
17Edgardoboyprosperous warriorEnglish0Log In to Vote
18Edisonboyson of EdwardEnglish5Log In to Vote
19Edmilsonboy0Log In to Vote
20Edmondboyprosperous protectorEnglish1Log In to Vote
21Edoardoboyform of EdwardItalian0Log In to Vote
22Edricboyprosperous rulerAnglo-Saxon1Log In to Vote
23EduardoboySpanish0Log In to Vote
24Edwardboyguardian of prosperity, guardian of the mistsEnglish15Log In to Vote
25Edwinboyprosperous friend, heir's axeGerman4Log In to Vote
26EeroboyPronounced AIR-OGerman0Log In to Vote
27Eeyoreboy0Log In to Vote
28Eganboyardent, little fireGaelic, Celtic2Log In to Vote
29Egbertboysword, famous, shinyGerman0Log In to Vote
30EgertonboyedgeEnglish0Log In to Vote
31Egilboythe edge or point, a stingNorwegian, French1Log In to Vote
32Egmontboyweapon, defenderGerman1Log In to Vote
33EgyedboyshieldbearerHungarian0Log In to Vote
34EhaanboyArabic0Log In to Vote
35Eiderboy0Log In to Vote
36Einarboywarrior, leaderNorwegian0Log In to Vote
37Eisigboyhe who laughsHebrew0Log In to Vote
38Ekachakraboyson of KashyapaHindu0Log In to Vote
39Ekampreetboygod is oneHindu0Log In to Vote
40Eknathboypoet, saintHindu0Log In to Vote
41ElamaranboypowerChinese, Hindu0Log In to Vote
42Elbertboynobly brilliantTeutonic0Log In to Vote
43EldenboyolderEnglish0Log In to Vote
44EldonboyElla's moundEnglish0Log In to Vote
45Eldridgeboyold counselEnglish0Log In to Vote
46Elekboyhelper and defender of mankindHungarian2Log In to Vote
47Elerooboy0Log In to Vote
48Elfricboyleader of the elvesAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
49Elganboybright circleWelsh0Log In to Vote
50EliboyelevationHebrew5Log In to Vote
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