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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Ellengirllight, mercyHebrew73Log In to Vote
2SophiegirlwisdomGreek66Log In to Vote
3Eleoragirlthe lord is my lightHebrew63Log In to Vote
4SharongirlprincessHebrew55Log In to Vote
5Faithgirltrust, faithLatin54Log In to Vote
6ChloegirlbloomingGreek48Log In to Vote
7Oliviagirlsymbol of peaceLatin44Log In to Vote
8Sophiagirl39Log In to Vote
9Gracegirlgrace, blessingLatin39Log In to Vote
10Emmagirluniversal, all-embracingGerman36Log In to Vote
11Madisongirlson of a mighty warrior; son of MaudGerman35Log In to Vote
12Isabellagirl34Log In to Vote
13Charlottegirlpetite and feminineFrench32Log In to Vote
14Ellagirlbeautiful fairy woman, allEnglish31Log In to Vote
15Mackenziegirl31Log In to Vote
16HeathergirlheatherEnglish30Log In to Vote
17Adelyngirl29Log In to Vote
18Kayleighgirl26Log In to Vote
19ScarlettgirlredEnglish26Log In to Vote
20MiagirlmineItalian26Log In to Vote
21Abigailgirlhead of a monastery, a father's joyEnglish, Hebrew26Log In to Vote
22AutumngirlautumnLatin24Log In to Vote
23Ariagirlbeautiful melodyLatin23Log In to Vote
24Clairegirlbright, shining, clearLatin23Log In to Vote
25Paytongirlwarrior's estateEnglish21Log In to Vote
26AuroragirldawnLatin20Log In to Vote
27Laceygirlcheerful oneRussian20Log In to Vote
28AnnabellegirljoyCeltic20Log In to Vote
29Hannahgirlgrace of GodHebrew20Log In to Vote
30ElizabethgirlGod's oathHebrew20Log In to Vote
31CheyennegirlNative-American20Log In to Vote
32Avagirla birdGerman20Log In to Vote
33Savannahgirl20Log In to Vote
34Paigegirl20Log In to Vote
35Skylargirleternal life, strength, love and beautyEnglish20Log In to Vote
36Carolinegirlstrong, melody, song, song of joyGerman, French20Log In to Vote
37AnastasiagirlresurrectionGreek19Log In to Vote
38Stormgirlstormy weather, tempestEnglish19Log In to Vote
39Ameliagirlflatterer, work of the Lord, belovedLatin19Log In to Vote
40SadiegirlprincessHebrew19Log In to Vote
41Nataliegirlbirthday, child born at ChristmasLatin18Log In to Vote
42Pipergirlbagpipe playerEnglish18Log In to Vote
43Mary-Margaretgirl18Log In to Vote
44AlyssagirllogicalGreek18Log In to Vote
45VioletgirlvioletLatin17Log In to Vote
46Isabelgirlconsecrated to GodSpanish17Log In to Vote
47CatherinegirlpureGreek17Log In to Vote
48Alexandragirlhelper of mankindGreek17Log In to Vote
49GabriellegirlGod is my strengthHebrew17Log In to Vote
50Allisongirlof noble birthGerman17Log In to Vote
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