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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1 CleogirlEnglish3Log In to Vote
2AbbigirlEnglish1Log In to Vote
3AbielboyIndependent,saviorEnglish0Log In to Vote
4Ackleyboymeadow of oaksEnglish0Log In to Vote
5Actonboytown with many oaksEnglish0Log In to Vote
6Adalaidegirlnoble, variant of HeidiEnglish8Log In to Vote
7AddisonboyAdam's sonEnglish2Log In to Vote
8AdeahgirlEnglish0Log In to Vote
9AdinreluctauntEnglish0Log In to Vote
10Aftongirlriver nameEnglish1Log In to Vote
11Ailenboymade of oakEnglish0Log In to Vote
12AisleygirlEnglish0Log In to Vote
13Alandboybright as the sunEnglish0Log In to Vote
14Alaynahgirlcute and crazyEnglish1Log In to Vote
15Albericboyrules with elf wisdomEnglish0Log In to Vote
16AlbertoboyEnglish0Log In to Vote
17Alcottboyold cottageEnglish1Log In to Vote
18Aldenboyantique, old, wise protector, old friendEnglish5Log In to Vote
19Alderboybirch tree, revered oneEnglish3Log In to Vote
20Aldercygirla chiefEnglish0Log In to Vote
21Aldisfrom the old houseEnglish0Log In to Vote
22Aldrichboyold kingEnglish1Log In to Vote
23Alexigirlfemale variant of AlexanderEnglish4Log In to Vote
24Alfieboyelf counsel or inspired advice (from the name Alfred)English1Log In to Vote
25Alfredboywise counselEnglish0Log In to Vote
26Aliciagirlof noble birthEnglish4Log In to Vote
27Allardboynoble and braveEnglish0Log In to Vote
28AllianagirlOf Noble KindEnglish1Log In to Vote
29AlviboyEnglish0Log In to Vote
30Alvinboyelf wine, noble friendEnglish2Log In to Vote
31AlyxgirlhelperEnglish5Log In to Vote
32AmadizboyEnglish0Log In to Vote
33AmariegirlEnglish2Log In to Vote
34AmarilygirlEnglish0Log In to Vote
35Amarisgirlchild of the moonEnglish4Log In to Vote
36Amherstboyplace nameEnglish0Log In to Vote
37AmnestygirlPeace Maker;forgiverEnglish0Log In to Vote
38Amsdenboyfrom the Ambroses ValleyEnglish0Log In to Vote
39AnnabelleighgirlAnna and Bel and Leigh combinedEnglish0Log In to Vote
40Annabethgirlcombination name of Anna and BethEnglish4Log In to Vote
41Annalynngirlcombination name of Anna and LynnEnglish1Log In to Vote
42AnovagirlEnglish0Log In to Vote
43Ansleyboyfrom the pastureland of the nobleEnglish1Log In to Vote
44ArcleighboystrongEnglish0Log In to Vote
45Armstrongboystrong armEnglish1Log In to Vote
46Arwinboyyoung, princeEnglish1Log In to Vote
47Ashgirlfrom the ash treeEnglish1Log In to Vote
48Ashleegirlfrom the field of ash treesEnglish2Log In to Vote
49Ashleighgirlfrom the ash treeEnglish4Log In to Vote
50Ashleyboyash treeEnglish0Log In to Vote
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