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51Alexandragirlhelper of mankindGreek16Log In to Vote
52Averygirlruler of the elvesAnglo-Saxon16Log In to Vote
53CatherinegirlpureGreek16Log In to Vote
54GabriellegirlGod is my strengthHebrew16Log In to Vote
55Janegirlgracious, merciful, God is graciousHebrew16Log In to Vote
56Lillygirl16Log In to Vote
57Megangirlmighty, strong able, pearlGreek, Gaelic, Welsh16Log In to Vote
58Rachelgirllittle lamb, an ewe, one with purityHebrew16Log In to Vote
59Rubygirlred gemFrench16Log In to Vote
60Caragirldear, diamondLatin15Log In to Vote
61Echogirla nymph, repeated voiceGreek15Log In to Vote
62HazelgirlcommanderEnglish15Log In to Vote
63Hopegirltrust, faithEnglish15Log In to Vote
64Laylagirl15Log In to Vote
65VictoriagirlvictoryLatin15Log In to Vote
66Macygirlthe oceanAmerican15Log In to Vote
67Aubreygirlelf ruleGerman14Log In to Vote
68Bethanygirlworshiper of GodHebrew14Log In to Vote
69BrooklyngirlwaterEnglish14Log In to Vote
70Carlygirllittle, womanlyLatin14Log In to Vote
71Edengirldelightful, adornment, paradiseHebrew14Log In to Vote
72Evangelinegirllike an angelGreek14Log In to Vote
73Mollygirlvariant of Mary14Log In to Vote
74Nicolegirlvictorious peopleGreek14Log In to Vote
75Addisyngirlvariant spelling of AddisonItalian13Log In to Vote
76Aubreegirlblonde rulerFrench13Log In to Vote
77BellagirlbeautifulLatin13Log In to Vote
78Gabriellagirl13Log In to Vote
79Jadegirlgreen gemstoneHebrew13Log In to Vote
80Laurengirlvariant of Laura13Log In to Vote
81Melaniegirldressed in black, darkGreek13Log In to Vote
82BridgettegirlFrench13Log In to Vote
83Adrianagirldark, richSpanish12Log In to Vote
84Aspengirltype of treeEnglish12Log In to Vote
85BellagirlbeautifulFrench12Log In to Vote
86Delaneygirldescendant of the challengerGaelic12Log In to Vote
87Emilygirlindustrious, eagerGerman, Latin12Log In to Vote
88Fallongirlgrandchild of the ruler, in chargeCeltic12Log In to Vote
89Isabellegirl12Log In to Vote
90Lilygirla flower, a lilyLatin, Greek12Log In to Vote
91Rebeccagirlbound, tied, faithful oneHebrew12Log In to Vote
92Sashagirl12Log In to Vote
93Aaliyahgirlhigh exalted, to ascendArabic, Hebrew11Log In to Vote
94Alexisgirlprotector of mankindGreek11Log In to Vote
95Ambergirlyellow-brown, precious jewelArabic11Log In to Vote
96Angelagirlheavenly messengerGreek11Log In to Vote
97ArianagirlsilveryWelsh11Log In to Vote
98Arielgirllioness of godHebrew11Log In to Vote
99Elianagirl11Log In to Vote
100Embergirlsmoldering remains of a fireEnglish11Log In to Vote
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