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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Bainganaboypeople are equalSwahili0Log In to Vote
2BakariboypromiseSwahili0Log In to Vote
3BarikagirlbloomSwahili0Log In to Vote
4BintygirldaughterSwahili0Log In to Vote
5JinagirlnameSwahili0Log In to Vote
6Kamariagirllike the moonSwahili1Log In to Vote
7Kesigirlborn when father was in troubleSwahili1Log In to Vote
8KhairiboykinglySwahili0Log In to Vote
9KovuboyscarSwahili0Log In to Vote
10Lakeishagirlfavorite oneSwahili0Log In to Vote
11NiagirlpurposeSwahili1Log In to Vote
12PendagirlloveSwahili0Log In to Vote
13Rashidboywise adviserSwahili0Log In to Vote
14ShanigirlmarvelousSwahili0Log In to Vote
15SimbagirllionSwahili1Log In to Vote
16WindagirlhuntSwahili0Log In to Vote
17ZawatigirlgiftSwahili0Log In to Vote
17 names total