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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Abinagirlborn on a TuesdayGhanese0Log In to Vote
2Adebenboytwelfth-born sonGhanese0Log In to Vote
3Ashonboyseventh-born sonGhanese0Log In to Vote
4Efiagirlborn on TuesdayGhanese1Log In to Vote
5Kakragirlyounger of twinsGhanese0Log In to Vote
6Kessiegirlfat at birthGhanese0Log In to Vote
7Kontarboyonly childGhanese0Log In to Vote
8Panyingirlolder of twinsGhanese0Log In to Vote
9Panyinboyolder of twinsGhanese0Log In to Vote
10Tanoboyname of riverGhanese0Log In to Vote
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