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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
151Antonioboyworthy of praiseSpanish6Log In to Vote
152AustinboyhelpfulLatin6Log In to Vote
153CadeboypureWelsh6Log In to Vote
154Cameronboybent noseEnglish6Log In to Vote
155Caseyboybrave, watchfulCeltic, Gaelic6Log In to Vote
156Cristianboyfollower of ChristSpanish6Log In to Vote
157Deanboypresiding official, valleyLatin6Log In to Vote
158Dustinboyvaliant fighter, dark stoneGerman, English6Log In to Vote
159FinnboylaplanderNorwegian6Log In to Vote
160Gageboya pledge, a pawnEnglish6Log In to Vote
161Georgeboyfarmer, to work the earthGreek6Log In to Vote
162JohnboyGod is mercifulHebrew6Log In to Vote
163Kaiboysea, willow treeHawaiian6Log In to Vote
164Kaylenboybeloved, sweetheartArabic6Log In to Vote
165Laneboynarrow roadEnglish6Log In to Vote
166Markboywarlike, hammer, defenderLatin6Log In to Vote
167Nathanielboygift of GodHebrew6Log In to Vote
168Rowanboyred-haired; ruggedGaelic, English6Log In to Vote
169Rykerboysurname form of RichardDutch6Log In to Vote
170Theoboy6Log In to Vote
171Theodoreboygift of GodGreek6Log In to Vote
172Tristanboynoisy one, laborerWelsh, Latin6Log In to Vote
173ZacharyboyGod remembers, renowned by GodHebrew6Log In to Vote
174Zanderboyform of AlexanderGreek6Log In to Vote
175Elliottboy6Log In to Vote
176Garrettboy6Log In to Vote
177Brysonboy6Log In to Vote
178Alaricboynoble rulerGerman5Log In to Vote
179Aldenboyantique, old, wise protector, old friendEnglish5Log In to Vote
180Arthurboynoble, follower of ThorCeltic5Log In to Vote
181Atticusboyfather-likeEnglish5Log In to Vote
182Beauboyhandsome, beautifulFrench5Log In to Vote
183ChesterboycampLatin5Log In to Vote
184Coltboy5Log In to Vote
185Cooperboycask, barrel makerLatin5Log In to Vote
186Cullenboyyoung animal, handsomeCeltic5Log In to Vote
187Dimitriboylove of the earthGreek5Log In to Vote
188Dominikboybelonging to GodLatin5Log In to Vote
189Douglasboyfrom the dark waterScottish5Log In to Vote
190Edisonboyson of EdwardEnglish5Log In to Vote
191EliboyelevationHebrew5Log In to Vote
192EmmanuelboyGod is with usHebrew5Log In to Vote
193Flynnboyson of the red-haired manCeltic5Log In to Vote
194Garettboypowerful with the spearAnglo-Saxon5Log In to Vote
195Graysonboyson of the bailiffEnglish5Log In to Vote
196JesseboywealthyHebrew5Log In to Vote
197JonathonboyGod givesHebrew5Log In to Vote
198Kyleboyhandsome, near the chapel, narrow, narrow channel, straitGaelic5Log In to Vote
199Patrickboynoble oneLatin5Log In to Vote
200Presleyboy5Log In to Vote
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