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101Gabeboyfrom the name GabrielHebrew8Log In to Vote
102Ianboyform of JohnScottish8Log In to Vote
103Isaiahboysalvation of the LordEnglish, Hebrew8Log In to Vote
104JosephboyGod will increaseHebrew8Log In to Vote
105Justinboyjust, trueHebrew8Log In to Vote
106KylerboyarcherDutch8Log In to Vote
107MarcusboywarlikeLatin8Log In to Vote
108Micahboy8Log In to Vote
109Nathanboygift of GodHebrew8Log In to Vote
110NolanboynobleGaelic8Log In to Vote
111Reeseboyardent oneWelsh8Log In to Vote
112Ryanboylittle kingGaelic8Log In to Vote
113Rylanboydweller in the rye fieldEnglish8Log In to Vote
114SeamusboyIrish8Log In to Vote
115Wesleyboywest meadowEnglish8Log In to Vote
116ColtonboyAmerican, Celtic, English, Gaelic, Irish, Scottish8Log In to Vote
117Alexboyprotector of mankind (from the name Alexander)Greek7Log In to Vote
118Anthonyboypriceless, flourishing, flowerLatin7Log In to Vote
119Asherboyfortunate, lucky, blessed, happyHebrew7Log In to Vote
120AugustboyexaltedLatin7Log In to Vote
121Averyboyruler of the elvesAnglo-Saxon7Log In to Vote
122BeckettboyIrish7Log In to Vote
123Blazeboya flameAmerican7Log In to Vote
124Bradenboyfrom the broad valleyEnglish7Log In to Vote
125BraxtonboyBrock's townAnglo-Saxon7Log In to Vote
126BrianboystrongCeltic7Log In to Vote
127CasperboytreasurerPersian7Log In to Vote
128DakotaboyfriendNative-American7Log In to Vote
129DanteboylastingItalian7Log In to Vote
130Ericboyever-powerfulScandinavian7Log In to Vote
131Ezekielboystrength of GodHebrew7Log In to Vote
132Holdenboykindly, graciousTeutonic7Log In to Vote
133Jeremiahboyexalted of the LordHebrew7Log In to Vote
134JoelboyGod is willing, Jehovah is the LordHebrew7Log In to Vote
135Jonahboya doveHebrew7Log In to Vote
136Kaelanboyslender, fairGaelic7Log In to Vote
137Kevinboygentle, lovableGaelic7Log In to Vote
138Nicholasboyvictorious peopleGreek7Log In to Vote
139Peytonboyform of PatrickScottish7Log In to Vote
140Romanboya citizen of RomeItalian7Log In to Vote
141SilasboywoodLatin7Log In to Vote
142Zachariahboyremembered by the LordHebrew7Log In to Vote
143ZaydenboyHebrew7Log In to Vote
144Zionboya signHebrew7Log In to Vote
145Xanderboyfrom Alexander7Log In to Vote
146Brodyboy7Log In to Vote
147KaydenboyAmerican7Log In to Vote
148Eastonboy7Log In to Vote
149Aaronboyshining light, high mountain, messengerHebrew, Arabic6Log In to Vote
150Andrewboymanly, valiant, courageousGreek, French6Log In to Vote
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