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51Sebastianboyrevered oneLatin13Log In to Vote
52RyderboyhorsemanEnglish13Log In to Vote
53Cadenboy13Log In to Vote
54LeviboyunitedHebrew13Log In to Vote
55Haydenboythe rosy meadowEnglish12Log In to Vote
56MaddoxboybeneficientCeltic12Log In to Vote
57Evanboyyoung warrior, well-bornCeltic, Greek12Log In to Vote
58Williamboyvaliant protectorTeutonic12Log In to Vote
59Damianboytamer, divine power, fateGreek12Log In to Vote
60Jasperboysemi-precious stoneEnglish12Log In to Vote
61Adrianboyrich, wealthy, dark oneGreek, Latin12Log In to Vote
62Tylerboytiler, rooferEnglish12Log In to Vote
63DeclanboygoodnessGaelic12Log In to Vote
64Bradleyboybroad meadowEnglish12Log In to Vote
65Brendanboylittle ravenGaelic11Log In to Vote
66Samuelboyhis name is GodHebrew11Log In to Vote
67Ronanboya pledgeCeltic11Log In to Vote
68Bentleyboyfrom the moorEnglish11Log In to Vote
69Xavierboybright, new houseArabic, Basque11Log In to Vote
70HunterboyhunterEnglish11Log In to Vote
71Ashtonboyash treeEnglish11Log In to Vote
72VincentboyconqueringLatin11Log In to Vote
73Maxboythe greatestLatin11Log In to Vote
74Prestonboydweller at the church, priest's settlementEnglish11Log In to Vote
75JudeboypraiseHebrew11Log In to Vote
76Jaceboy11Log In to Vote
77Kaleboystrong and manlyHawaiian10Log In to Vote
78Spencerboydispenser, keeperEnglish10Log In to Vote
79Oliverboykind one; olive tree, peaceNorse, Latin, French10Log In to Vote
80Lincolnboyhome by the pondEnglish10Log In to Vote
81Kybaboy10Log In to Vote
82Isaacboylaughing oneHebrew10Log In to Vote
83LukeboyluminousLatin10Log In to Vote
84Camdenboyfrom the winding valleyScottish10Log In to Vote
85Kaneboytribute, warrior; the doubly-accomplished, golden; man, the eastern sky; beautifulGaelic, Japanese, Hawaiian, Welsh10Log In to Vote
86DevinboypoetGaelic10Log In to Vote
87Jettboyjet black gemEnglish10Log In to Vote
88Aidanboyhelp, little fireIrish, Gaelic10Log In to Vote
89GrantboygreatLatin10Log In to Vote
90Kieranboysmall and dark-skinnedGaelic10Log In to Vote
91Baileyboybailiff, fortification, ableFrench10Log In to Vote
92JeremyboyGod will uplift, appointed by GodHebrew9Log In to Vote
93Josiahboyfire of the LordHebrew9Log In to Vote
94Charlieboynickname for CharlesGerman, English9Log In to Vote
95SawyerboywoodsmanEnglish9Log In to Vote
96JulianboyyouthfulLatin9Log In to Vote
97Kadenboy9Log In to Vote
98DamienboyuntamedFrench9Log In to Vote
99Rylanboydweller in the rye fieldEnglish8Log In to Vote
100Isaiahboysalvation of the LordEnglish, Hebrew8Log In to Vote
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