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1GabrielboyGod is my strengthHebrew55Log In to Vote
2AidenboyfireGaelic41Log In to Vote
3Ethanboystrong, firm, constantHebrew, Latin35Log In to Vote
4Benjaminboyson of my right handHebrew32Log In to Vote
5Liamboyunwavering protectorIrish31Log In to Vote
6JoshuaboyJehovah savesHebrew31Log In to Vote
7Calebboybold, dogHebrew29Log In to Vote
8Jacksonboyson of JackEnglish29Log In to Vote
9ChristopherboyChrist-bearerGreek28Log In to Vote
10MatthewboyGift of the LordHebrew27Log In to Vote
11Carsonboyson of CarrSwedish27Log In to Vote
12Alexanderboyprotector of mankindGreek26Log In to Vote
13MasonboystoneworkerFrench25Log In to Vote
14Emmettboyhard worker, truthEnglish25Log In to Vote
15KingstonboyThe capital of JamaicaEnglish24Log In to Vote
16LucasboyluminousLatin24Log In to Vote
17Loganboylittle hollowScottish24Log In to Vote
18Charlesboymanly, strongEnglish23Log In to Vote
19Codyboyassistant, a cushion, possessionsCeltic, English23Log In to Vote
20JaydenboyGod has heardAmerican23Log In to Vote
21Braydenboybrave, broadEnglish21Log In to Vote
22Noahboycomfort, wandererHebrew21Log In to Vote
23Danielboymy judge is the LordHebrew20Log In to Vote
24Wyattboylittle warrior, waterEnglish20Log In to Vote
25Jacobboyheld by the heelHebrew19Log In to Vote
26ChaseboyhunterFrench18Log In to Vote
27Carterboycart driverEnglish18Log In to Vote
28Michaelboywho is like GodHebrew17Log In to Vote
29Davidboybeloved oneHebrew17Log In to Vote
30Coleboycoal, victory of the peopleEnglish17Log In to Vote
31RileyboyvaliantGaelic17Log In to Vote
32Dylanboysea god, son of the wavesWelsh17Log In to Vote
33Dominicboyof the lordLatin, Italian15Log In to Vote
34Connorboydesire, wise aid, wolf-loverIrish15Log In to Vote
35Edwardboyguardian of prosperity, guardian of the mistsEnglish15Log In to Vote
36ElijahboyJehovah is GodHebrew15Log In to Vote
37Henryboyruler of the homeGerman15Log In to Vote
38Blakeboyfair-haired, pallidEnglish15Log In to Vote
39Owenboywarrior; well bornWelsh, Greek14Log In to Vote
40Caydenboyspirit of battleGaelic14Log In to Vote
41ZaneboyGod's grace, sea-friendHebrew, English14Log In to Vote
42LeoboyGerman14Log In to Vote
43JackboyGod is gracious; also a nickname for JohnHebrew14Log In to Vote
44Landonboylong hillEnglish14Log In to Vote
45Christianboyanointed, follows ChristGreek14Log In to Vote
46Brandonboyfiery hill, swordEnglish14Log In to Vote
47JamesboysupplanterHebrew14Log In to Vote
48Sebastianboyrevered oneLatin13Log In to Vote
49JadenboyGod has heardHebrew13Log In to Vote
50RyderboyhorsemanEnglish13Log In to Vote
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