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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
101Kilbyboyresidence nameTeutonic0Log In to Vote
102Konradboyable in counselTeutonic0Log In to Vote
103Lambertboyland brightTeutonic0Log In to Vote
104Lombardboylong beardTeutonic0Log In to Vote
105Louisagirlfamous in battleTeutonic1Log In to Vote
106MagangirlpowerTeutonic1Log In to Vote
107Matildagirlmighty in battleTeutonic5Log In to Vote
108Maudegirlmighty in battleTeutonic0Log In to Vote
109Medwinboypowerful friendTeutonic0Log In to Vote
110Mimigirlstrong opponentTeutonic0Log In to Vote
111Minkagirlstrong, resoluteTeutonic0Log In to Vote
112Naldoboyof mighty or wiseTeutonic0Log In to Vote
113NardicagirlbeautyTeutonic0Log In to Vote
114Norvinboyman from the northTeutonic0Log In to Vote
115Orindagirlfire serpentTeutonic0Log In to Vote
116OrtonboywealthyTeutonic0Log In to Vote
117Osgoodboydivine creatorTeutonic0Log In to Vote
118OttoboyprosperousTeutonic4Log In to Vote
119Raeburnboydweller by the stream where does drinkTeutonic0Log In to Vote
120Renardboycounsel hardTeutonic0Log In to Vote
121RenfredboypeacemakerTeutonic0Log In to Vote
122Renwickboyresidence nameTeutonic0Log In to Vote
123Roaldboyfame powerTeutonic0Log In to Vote
124Romildagirlglorious battle maidTeutonic0Log In to Vote
125Roswellboymighty steedTeutonic0Log In to Vote
126Rupertboyof shining fameTeutonic0Log In to Vote
127SerleboyarmedTeutonic0Log In to Vote
128Sigfriedboyvictory peaceTeutonic0Log In to Vote
129Sigmundboyvictory shield, victory protectorTeutonic1Log In to Vote
130Stewartboykeeper of the estateTeutonic1Log In to Vote
131Thayerboyof the nation's armyTeutonic1Log In to Vote
132Theodoricboyruler of the peopleTeutonic0Log In to Vote
133Thierryboypeople's rulerTeutonic0Log In to Vote
134Thurbornboydweller by Thor's streamTeutonic0Log In to Vote
135Tildagirlmaid of battlesTeutonic0Log In to Vote
136Udoboyone with great forture, prosperousTeutonic0Log In to Vote
137Ulandboynoble countryTeutonic0Log In to Vote
138UlfboywolfTeutonic0Log In to Vote
139Ulricagirlruler of allTeutonic0Log In to Vote
140Valdisboyspirited in battleTeutonic1Log In to Vote
141Veledagirlof inspired wisdomTeutonic0Log In to Vote
142VerenagirldefenderTeutonic0Log In to Vote
143WaldenboymightyTeutonic0Log In to Vote
144WaldoboyruleTeutonic0Log In to Vote
145Waltraudgirlrule strengthTeutonic1Log In to Vote
146WendagirlwandererTeutonic0Log In to Vote
147WendelboywandererTeutonic1Log In to Vote
148Wendellboya wendTeutonic0Log In to Vote
149Wernerboywarin warriorTeutonic0Log In to Vote
150Wilburboybright resolveTeutonic1Log In to Vote
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