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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1AcelingirlnobleTeutonic0Log In to Vote
2AdalboynobleTeutonic0Log In to Vote
3Adolfboynoble wolfTeutonic1Log In to Vote
4Aimeryboyindustrious rulerTeutonic0Log In to Vote
5Aiylagirlthe beautiful Teutonic0Log In to Vote
6Alaricegirlruler of allTeutonic0Log In to Vote
7Albernboyof noble valorTeutonic0Log In to Vote
8AldeagirlrichTeutonic0Log In to Vote
9Alfredagirlsupernaturally wiseTeutonic0Log In to Vote
10Alisongirlof sacred fameTeutonic8Log In to Vote
11Aloysiagirlfamous in warTeutonic0Log In to Vote
12Aloysiusboyfamous in warTeutonic0Log In to Vote
13Alvinagirlbeloved by allTeutonic0Log In to Vote
14AmeryboyindustriousTeutonic0Log In to Vote
15Anselboydivine helmetTeutonic0Log In to Vote
16Aragirleagle maidTeutonic1Log In to Vote
17Archergirlthe archerTeutonic2Log In to Vote
18Archerboythe archerTeutonic1Log In to Vote
19Arildagirlhearth, homeTeutonic0Log In to Vote
20Barrettboybear-likeTeutonic0Log In to Vote
21Beldenboyfrom the fair valleyTeutonic0Log In to Vote
22Berdinegirlbright maidenTeutonic0Log In to Vote
23BertboybrightTeutonic0Log In to Vote
24Berthagirlbright or gloriousTeutonic0Log In to Vote
25Bertholdboyglorious rulerTeutonic0Log In to Vote
26Bertinagirlbright, shiningTeutonic0Log In to Vote
27Bertonboyglorious ravenTeutonic0Log In to Vote
28Berwinboywarrior friendTeutonic0Log In to Vote
29BevisboybowmanTeutonic0Log In to Vote
30BlandagirldazzlingTeutonic0Log In to Vote
31BlendagirldazzlingTeutonic0Log In to Vote
32BrantboyfirebrandTeutonic2Log In to Vote
33Brunoboydark complexionedTeutonic1Log In to Vote
34Carlboyone who is strong, manTeutonic2Log In to Vote
35Carlagirlone who is strong, womanTeutonic2Log In to Vote
36CarlengirlwomanTeutonic1Log In to Vote
37Carlsonboyson of CarlTeutonic0Log In to Vote
38CealeygirlprettyTeutonic0Log In to Vote
39Culbertboycool and brilliantTeutonic0Log In to Vote
40Dellagirlof nobilityTeutonic0Log In to Vote
41Dirkboyruler of peopleTeutonic0Log In to Vote
42Dixonboypowerful rulerTeutonic2Log In to Vote
43Edelinegirlnoble, good cheerTeutonic3Log In to Vote
44Edithgirlrich gift, happyTeutonic2Log In to Vote
45Elbertboynobly brilliantTeutonic0Log In to Vote
46Elbertagirlnobly brilliantTeutonic1Log In to Vote
47Elmerboyof awe-inspiring fameTeutonic0Log In to Vote
48EmelinegirlindustriousTeutonic1Log In to Vote
49Errolboya noblemanTeutonic0Log In to Vote
50FanniegirlfreeTeutonic0Log In to Vote
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