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1Isabelgirlconsecrated to GodSpanish17Log In to Vote
2Adrianagirldark, richSpanish12Log In to Vote
3Lolagirlstrong womanSpanish10Log In to Vote
4Sierragirlsaw-tooth mountain rangeSpanish10Log In to Vote
5Elisagirldedicated to GodSpanish7Log In to Vote
6Savannagirlfrom the open plainSpanish7Log In to Vote
7Cristianboyfollower of ChristSpanish6Log In to Vote
8Elenagirlthe bright oneSpanish6Log In to Vote
9Antonioboyworthy of praiseSpanish6Log In to Vote
10Diegoboythe suplanterSpanish4Log In to Vote
11IvettegirlArcherSpanish3Log In to Vote
12Catalinagirla short spansh name goes great with gemels like CarolinaSpanish3Log In to Vote
13RioboyriverSpanish3Log In to Vote
14SergioboyattendantSpanish3Log In to Vote
15Riveragirlriver girlSpanish3Log In to Vote
16ManuelboyGod is with usSpanish3Log In to Vote
17Juanboyform of JohnSpanish3Log In to Vote
18Raekagirlbeautiful, uniqueSpanish3Log In to Vote
19Ramonagirlwise protectorSpanish2Log In to Vote
20ReyagirlQueenSpanish2Log In to Vote
21LianigirlSpanish2Log In to Vote
22AmadorboyloverSpanish2Log In to Vote
23Devanteboyfighter of wrongSpanish2Log In to Vote
24MireyagirlmiraculousSpanish2Log In to Vote
25SantiagoboysupplanterSpanish2Log In to Vote
26SolanagirlsunshineSpanish2Log In to Vote
27Ricardoboyfrom the name RichardSpanish2Log In to Vote
28Joseboyform of JosephSpanish2Log In to Vote
29Nevagirlcovered with snowSpanish2Log In to Vote
30Breezygirlfrom the IliadSpanish2Log In to Vote
31Elviragirlimpartial judgment, closeSpanish2Log In to Vote
32Beliciagirldedicated to godSpanish2Log In to Vote
33IzabelgirlSpanish2Log In to Vote
34GitanagirlgypsySpanish2Log In to Vote
35JuliannagirlSpanish2Log In to Vote
36Milagrosgirl"miracles". Refers to the Virgin Mary as Santa Maria de los Milagros.Spanish2Log In to Vote
37AlitagirlnobleSpanish2Log In to Vote
38NaiyagirlThe DreamerSpanish2Log In to Vote
39EsperanzagirlhopeSpanish2Log In to Vote
40GlendagirlSpanish2Log In to Vote
41Jaimeboyfrom the name JamesSpanish1Log In to Vote
42JaviarboyenlightenedSpanish1Log In to Vote
43MarisolgirlSunny oceanSpanish1Log In to Vote
44Gasparboymaster of treasureSpanish1Log In to Vote
45Raulboywolf counselorSpanish1Log In to Vote
46Emilioboywinning one or flattererSpanish1Log In to Vote
47EdilygirlSpanish1Log In to Vote
48YarinagirlOcean wavesSpanish1Log In to Vote
49Catonboyknowledgeable, wiseSpanish1Log In to Vote
50DinoragirlblessedSpanish1Log In to Vote
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