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1AdonciagirlsweetSpanish0Log In to Vote
2Adrianagirldark, richSpanish13Log In to Vote
3AlitagirlnobleSpanish2Log In to Vote
4AmatagirlbelovedSpanish1Log In to Vote
5ArcadiagirladventurousSpanish1Log In to Vote
6Beliciagirldedicated to godSpanish2Log In to Vote
7Breezygirlfrom the IliadSpanish2Log In to Vote
8CochitigirlforgottenSpanish1Log In to Vote
9Concepciongirlfertile one, mother, father of nationsSpanish1Log In to Vote
10Damitagirllittle princessSpanish1Log In to Vote
11DomingagirlSundaySpanish0Log In to Vote
12Drinagirlhelper and defender of mankindSpanish1Log In to Vote
13DulcineagirlsweetSpanish0Log In to Vote
14EldoragirlgildedSpanish0Log In to Vote
15Elenagirlthe bright oneSpanish6Log In to Vote
16Elisagirldedicated to GodSpanish7Log In to Vote
17Elviragirlimpartial judgment, closeSpanish2Log In to Vote
18Emeraldgirla bright green gemSpanish1Log In to Vote
19EskarnegirlmercifulSpanish0Log In to Vote
20EsperanzagirlhopeSpanish2Log In to Vote
21Fuensantagirla holy fountainSpanish0Log In to Vote
22GitanagirlgypsySpanish2Log In to Vote
23Hermelindagirlshield of powerSpanish0Log In to Vote
24Herminiagirllady of the earthSpanish0Log In to Vote
25InesgirlgentleSpanish0Log In to Vote
26Isabelgirlconsecrated to GodSpanish17Log In to Vote
27Isletagirllittle islandSpanish0Log In to Vote
28JaimicagirlsupplanterSpanish1Log In to Vote
29JuanitagirlForm of JohannaSpanish0Log In to Vote
30Kesaregirllong-hairedSpanish0Log In to Vote
31LianigirlSpanish2Log In to Vote
32LindagirlprettySpanish1Log In to Vote
33Lolagirlstrong womanSpanish10Log In to Vote
34LujuanagirlSpanish0Log In to Vote
35Madeiragirlsweet wineSpanish0Log In to Vote
36MadragirlmotherSpanish0Log In to Vote
37MandygirlharmonySpanish1Log In to Vote
38ManuelagirlGod is with usSpanish0Log In to Vote
39MariposagirlbutterflySpanish0Log In to Vote
40Melisendagirlhonest, diligentSpanish0Log In to Vote
41Melosagirlgentle, sweetSpanish0Log In to Vote
42MireyagirlmiraculousSpanish2Log In to Vote
43MoragirlblueberrySpanish0Log In to Vote
44Nevagirlcovered with snowSpanish2Log In to Vote
45PalomagirlSpanish0Log In to Vote
46PatiagirlleafSpanish0Log In to Vote
47PilargirlpillarSpanish0Log In to Vote
48Queridagirldear, belovedSpanish0Log In to Vote
49Raekagirlbeautiful, uniqueSpanish3Log In to Vote
50Ramonagirlwise protectorSpanish2Log In to Vote
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