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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
51ThorgrimboyScandinavian0Log In to Vote
52ThorkellboyScandinavian0Log In to Vote
53ThorleifrboyScandinavian0Log In to Vote
54ThorsteinboyScandinavian0Log In to Vote
55ThorulffrboyScandinavian0Log In to Vote
56ThorvaldboyScandinavian0Log In to Vote
57ThorvidboyScandinavian0Log In to Vote
58ThrandrboyScandinavian0Log In to Vote
59ThuridgirlScandinavian0Log In to Vote
60ThyrrnigirlScandinavian0Log In to Vote
61TosteboyScandinavian0Log In to Vote
62TryggviboyScandinavian0Log In to Vote
63TureboyScandinavian0Log In to Vote
64TyeastgirlFemale version of the God of ThunderScandinavian0Log In to Vote
65UlffrboyScandinavian1Log In to Vote
66UlfhildrgirlScandinavian0Log In to Vote
67ValgerdrgirlScandinavian0Log In to Vote
68VedmundrboyScandinavian0Log In to Vote
69VendelagirlScandinavian0Log In to Vote
70ViljalmrboyScandinavian0Log In to Vote
71Ylwagirlshe-wolfScandinavian0Log In to Vote
72YrsagirlScandinavian1Log In to Vote
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