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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1CheyennegirlNative-American20Log In to Vote
2DakotaboyfriendNative-American7Log In to Vote
3DakotagirlfriendNative-American6Log In to Vote
4Kayagirlmy elder sister-littleNative-American5Log In to Vote
5MeekahgirlNative-American4Log In to Vote
6Kodaboyblack bearNative-American3Log In to Vote
7Chenoagirlwhite doveNative-American3Log In to Vote
8TehyagirlpreciousNative-American2Log In to Vote
9TamsyngirlNative-American2Log In to Vote
10KaniyagirlNative-American2Log In to Vote
11Winonagirlfirstborn daughterNative-American2Log In to Vote
12Adrielboybeaver, symbol of skillNative-American2Log In to Vote
13AiyannagirlEternal BloomNative-American2Log In to Vote
14BluegirlcolorNative-American2Log In to Vote
15DaveenagirlprincessNative-American2Log In to Vote
16Angenigirlspirit angelNative-American2Log In to Vote
17Aiyanagirleternal bloomNative-American2Log In to Vote
18Aquinnahgirlhigh landNative-American2Log In to Vote
19Wenonagirlfirst born daughterNative-American1Log In to Vote
20Alonagirloak treeNative-American1Log In to Vote
21Tayengirlnew moonNative-American1Log In to Vote
22LakotagirlfriendNative-American1Log In to Vote
23KokogirlnightNative-American1Log In to Vote
24TarevaChinegirlbeautiful eyesNative-American1Log In to Vote
25Takodagirlfriend to allNative-American1Log In to Vote
26YamkagirlblossomNative-American1Log In to Vote
27Alaquagirlsweet-gum treeNative-American1Log In to Vote
28MindagirlknowledgeNative-American1Log In to Vote
29Satinkagirlmagic dancerNative-American1Log In to Vote
30Kangaboya ravenNative-American1Log In to Vote
31NatanegirldaughterNative-American1Log In to Vote
32Nitagirlangel of precious stoneNative-American1Log In to Vote
33CiAiragirlbeautiful strongNative-American1Log In to Vote
34TamagirlthunderboltNative-American1Log In to Vote
35Benquashagirldaughter of BenNative-American1Log In to Vote
36LakotaboyfriendNative-American1Log In to Vote
37ChilaligirlsnowbirdNative-American1Log In to Vote
38ChimalisgirlbluebirdNative-American1Log In to Vote
39Ayianagirleternal bloomNative-American1Log In to Vote
40WanetagirlchargerNative-American1Log In to Vote
41EnolagirlmagnoliaNative-American1Log In to Vote
42Shamanboyholy manNative-American1Log In to Vote
43FalagirlcrowNative-American1Log In to Vote
44TarshagirlNative-American1Log In to Vote
45Kennitaingirlblack heartedNative-American1Log In to Vote
46Huyanagirlrain fallingNative-American1Log In to Vote
47ImaragirlIma and Annie put together(capeverdean creole)Native-American1Log In to Vote
48Roselygirlsimply beautifulNative-American1Log In to Vote
49Marie-ClaudegirlOne who never stops on a missionNative-American1Log In to Vote
50DyamiboyeagleNative-American1Log In to Vote
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