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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
101PolomagirlbowNative-American0Log In to Vote
102RamaigirlAn emotional being that controls others emotions.Native-American0Log In to Vote
103Roselygirlsimply beautifulNative-American1Log In to Vote
104SahaleboyaboveNative-American0Log In to Vote
105SakarigirlsweetNative-American0Log In to Vote
106Satinkagirlmagic dancerNative-American1Log In to Vote
107Sayhannagirlgreat middle nameNative-American0Log In to Vote
108ShabikkigirlGoddess, Passinate, CaringNative-American0Log In to Vote
109ShakogirlmintNative-American0Log In to Vote
110Shamanboyholy manNative-American1Log In to Vote
111Shanedahgirlpretty little baby girlNative-American0Log In to Vote
112ShenandoahboyGood landNative-American0Log In to Vote
113Shysiegirlsilent little oneNative-American0Log In to Vote
114Taborrigirlvoices that carryNative-American0Log In to Vote
115TacincalagirldeerNative-American0Log In to Vote
116TadigirlwindNative-American0Log In to Vote
117TadiboywindNative-American0Log In to Vote
118Taimagirlcrash of thunderNative-American0Log In to Vote
119Tainngirlnew moonNative-American0Log In to Vote
120Taipagirlto spread wingsNative-American0Log In to Vote
121Takodagirlfriend to allNative-American1Log In to Vote
122Talagirlstalking wolfNative-American0Log In to Vote
123Talasigirlcorn-tassel flowerNative-American0Log In to Vote
124Tallulagirlleaping waterNative-American0Log In to Vote
125TamagirlthunderboltNative-American1Log In to Vote
126TamsyngirlNative-American2Log In to Vote
127TarevaChinegirlbeautiful eyesNative-American1Log In to Vote
128TarshagirlNative-American1Log In to Vote
129Tayengirlnew moonNative-American1Log In to Vote
130TecumsehboyNative-American0Log In to Vote
131TehyagirlpreciousNative-American2Log In to Vote
132ThurrynboyNative-American0Log In to Vote
133Tiponyagirlowl poking the hatching eggNative-American0Log In to Vote
134TyeeboychiefNative-American0Log In to Vote
135Vloriagirlone God blessNative-American0Log In to Vote
136Wakandagirlinner magical powerNative-American0Log In to Vote
137WanetagirlchargerNative-American1Log In to Vote
138WapekagirlskillfulNative-American0Log In to Vote
139WayagirlWolfNative-American0Log In to Vote
140Wenonagirlfirst born daughterNative-American1Log In to Vote
141Winemagirlfemale chiefNative-American0Log In to Vote
142Winonagirlfirstborn daughterNative-American2Log In to Vote
143WyomeboyplainNative-American0Log In to Vote
144WyominggirlMountains and valleysNative-American0Log In to Vote
145XUANboy Native-American0Log In to Vote
146YahtoboyblueNative-American0Log In to Vote
147Yakecanboysky, songNative-American0Log In to Vote
148YamkagirlblossomNative-American1Log In to Vote
149YanaboybearNative-American0Log In to Vote
150YanabagirlbraveNative-American0Log In to Vote
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