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51Jacyboythe moonNative-American0Log In to Vote
52Jolonboyvalley of the dead oaksNative-American0Log In to Vote
53Jotygirlwhite rockNative-American0Log In to Vote
54Kachinegirlsacred dancerNative-American0Log In to Vote
55Kaliskagirlcoyote chasing deerNative-American0Log In to Vote
56Kangaboya ravenNative-American1Log In to Vote
57KaniyagirlNative-American2Log In to Vote
58Kasagirlfur-robe dressNative-American0Log In to Vote
59KaterigirlMeans eye of the sunNative-American0Log In to Vote
60Kayagirlmy elder sister-littleNative-American5Log In to Vote
61Kennitaingirlblack heartedNative-American1Log In to Vote
62Kionagirlbrown hillsNative-American0Log In to Vote
63Kodaboyblack bearNative-American3Log In to Vote
64KokogirlnightNative-American1Log In to Vote
65LakotagirlfriendNative-American1Log In to Vote
66LakotaboyfriendNative-American1Log In to Vote
67LaquettagirlNative-American0Log In to Vote
68LentukboyMeans Deer Native-American0Log In to Vote
69Madenygirlsparkling beauty(capeverdean creole)Native-American0Log In to Vote
70Malilagirlsalmon going fast upstreamNative-American0Log In to Vote
71MallisonboyNative-American0Log In to Vote
72Mandeleegirllovley (capeverdean creole)Native-American0Log In to Vote
73Mansigirlplucked flowerNative-American0Log In to Vote
74Marie-ClaudegirlOne who never stops on a missionNative-American1Log In to Vote
75MedagirlpriestessNative-American0Log In to Vote
76MeekahgirlNative-American4Log In to Vote
77MenoboyIt's a family name after my great great ganndpa Meno BiarNative-American0Log In to Vote
78Miakodagirlpower of the moonNative-American0Log In to Vote
79Miginagirlmoon returningNative-American0Log In to Vote
80MindagirlknowledgeNative-American1Log In to Vote
81Mitenagirlcoming moon, new moonNative-American0Log In to Vote
82Mitexigirlsacred moonNative-American0Log In to Vote
83Motegaboynew arrowNative-American0Log In to Vote
84NanettegirlNative-American0Log In to Vote
85NantanboyspokesmanNative-American0Log In to Vote
86NatanegirldaughterNative-American1Log In to Vote
87Niibiingirlsummer Native-American0Log In to Vote
88Nitagirlangel of precious stoneNative-American1Log In to Vote
89NodinboywindNative-American0Log In to Vote
90NokomisgirlNative American - Ojibway - means Grandmother or Wise WomanNative-American0Log In to Vote
91Nyishaegirlsuccessful in life and alot of luckNative-American0Log In to Vote
92OginaligirlFriendNative-American0Log In to Vote
93OlathegirlbeautifulNative-American0Log In to Vote
94Onidagirlthe expected oneNative-American0Log In to Vote
95Orendagirlmagic powerNative-American0Log In to Vote
96OshenagirlNative-American0Log In to Vote
97Pakunagirldeer jumping down hillNative-American0Log In to Vote
98PatamonboyragingNative-American0Log In to Vote
99Pilanboysupreme essenceNative-American0Log In to Vote
100Pollkdiboybrave fearlessNative-American0Log In to Vote
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