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1Faithgirltrust, faithLatin53Log In to Vote
2Oliviagirlsymbol of peaceLatin44Log In to Vote
3Gracegirlgrace, blessingLatin39Log In to Vote
4LucasboyluminousLatin24Log In to Vote
5AutumngirlautumnLatin23Log In to Vote
6Ariagirlbeautiful melodyLatin23Log In to Vote
7Clairegirlbright, shining, clearLatin22Log In to Vote
8AuroragirldawnLatin20Log In to Vote
9Ameliagirlflatterer, work of the Lord, belovedLatin19Log In to Vote
10Nataliegirlbirthday, child born at ChristmasLatin18Log In to Vote
11VioletgirlvioletLatin17Log In to Vote
12VictoriagirlvictoryLatin16Log In to Vote
13Caragirldear, diamondLatin15Log In to Vote
14Carlygirllittle, womanlyLatin14Log In to Vote
15Sebastianboyrevered oneLatin13Log In to Vote
16BellagirlbeautifulLatin13Log In to Vote
17AnabellegirllovableLatin11Log In to Vote
18VincentboyconqueringLatin11Log In to Vote
19Maxboythe greatestLatin11Log In to Vote
20CelestegirlheavenlyLatin11Log In to Vote
21LukeboyluminousLatin10Log In to Vote
22Nevaeh girla beautiful angel or heaven spelled backwardsLatin10Log In to Vote
23LilianagirlGracious Lily, Purity, and BeautyLatin10Log In to Vote
24GrantboygreatLatin10Log In to Vote
25Lenagirlalluring, temptress; lightLatin10Log In to Vote
26Aprilgirlblooming, openingLatin9Log In to Vote
27Cadencegirlmelodious, to fallLatin9Log In to Vote
28LunagirlmoonLatin9Log In to Vote
29JulianboyyouthfulLatin9Log In to Vote
30MarcusboywarlikeLatin8Log In to Vote
31AugustboyexaltedLatin7Log In to Vote
32SilasboywoodLatin7Log In to Vote
33Marissagirlof the seaLatin7Log In to Vote
34Abbygirlhead of a monasteryLatin7Log In to Vote
35Anthonyboypriceless, flourishing, flowerLatin7Log In to Vote
36Viviangirlliving, livelyLatin7Log In to Vote
37Amandagirllove, worthy of love, precious thingLatin7Log In to Vote
38CeciliagirlblindLatin7Log In to Vote
39Juliagirlsofthaired, youthful, downy-haired, gentle, youthfulLatin7Log In to Vote
40Deanboypresiding official, valleyLatin6Log In to Vote
41Kiragirllight; sunLatin6Log In to Vote
42AustinboyhelpfulLatin6Log In to Vote
43Bellatrixgirlfemale warriorLatin6Log In to Vote
44Veronicagirltrue imageLatin6Log In to Vote
45Gingergirlginger plantLatin6Log In to Vote
46LuciagirllightLatin6Log In to Vote
47Markboywarlike, hammer, defenderLatin6Log In to Vote
48Veragirltruth, faithLatin5Log In to Vote
49Dominikboybelonging to GodLatin5Log In to Vote
50RaingirlrulerLatin5Log In to Vote
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