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51Ameliagirlflatterer, work of the Lord, belovedLatin19Log In to Vote
52AmesgirllovesLatin0Log In to Vote
53AmicitiagirlLatin for "friendship"Latin0Log In to Vote
54AmiliagirlHappinessLatin0Log In to Vote
55AmintagirlprotectorLatin0Log In to Vote
56Amorettegirllittle loveLatin2Log In to Vote
57AmoritagirlbelovedLatin1Log In to Vote
58AmorygirllovingLatin0Log In to Vote
59AmoryboylovingLatin0Log In to Vote
60AmygirlbelovedLatin3Log In to Vote
61Anabellagirllovely graceLatin3Log In to Vote
62AnabellegirllovableLatin11Log In to Vote
63AncelingirlhandmaidenLatin0Log In to Vote
64AndreanagirlwomanlyLatin0Log In to Vote
65Anebelgirl Latin0Log In to Vote
66Angiegirlangel; nickname for AngelaLatin1Log In to Vote
67Annaclaragirlbeyond considerationLatin0Log In to Vote
68AnnoragirlhonorLatin0Log In to Vote
69AntalboyprinceLatin0Log In to Vote
70Anthonyboypriceless, flourishing, flowerLatin7Log In to Vote
71Antoinettegirlbeyond praiseLatin1Log In to Vote
72Antonelagirlfront, firstLatin0Log In to Vote
73Antonellagirlhighly praised, pricelessLatin0Log In to Vote
74Antoniagirlpriceless, flourishing, flowerLatin1Log In to Vote
75Antoninboybeyond praiseLatin0Log In to Vote
76Aprilgirlblooming, openingLatin9Log In to Vote
77Aquamarinegirl water and sea respectivelyLatin1Log In to Vote
78AquarianboywaterLatin0Log In to Vote
79Araceligirlalter of heavenLatin1Log In to Vote
80Archimedesboyname of a scientistLatin0Log In to Vote
81ArdeliagirlzealousLatin0Log In to Vote
82ArdelisgirlindustriousLatin0Log In to Vote
83ArdellagirlindustriousLatin0Log In to Vote
84ArdellegirlindustriousLatin0Log In to Vote
85Ardenboypassionate, eagle valleyLatin1Log In to Vote
86Ardengirlpassionate, eagle valleyLatin2Log In to Vote
87ArderegirlfireLatin0Log In to Vote
88ArdisgirlferventLatin1Log In to Vote
89Ariagirlbeautiful melodyLatin23Log In to Vote
90Ariegirlbeautiful melodyLatin1Log In to Vote
91AristagirlharvestLatin0Log In to Vote
92Arleyboythe bowmanLatin1Log In to Vote
93Armandoboyarmy man or warrior (from the name Armand)Latin0Log In to Vote
94Armillagirla braceletLatin1Log In to Vote
95Arminagirlof a high degreeLatin1Log In to Vote
96Arseniusboyof or relating to arsenicLatin0Log In to Vote
97AryanagirlLatin0Log In to Vote
98AuburnboyfairLatin0Log In to Vote
99AuburngirlReddish BrownLatin0Log In to Vote
100AugustboyexaltedLatin7Log In to Vote
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