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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1AigirlloveJapanese0Log In to Vote
2Aikogirlbeloved one, little loveJapanese4Log In to Vote
3AkakogirlredJapanese0Log In to Vote
4Akinagirlspring flowerJapanese0Log In to Vote
5Amayagirlnight rainJapanese3Log In to Vote
6AmigirlfriendJapanese1Log In to Vote
7AyamegirlIrisJapanese0Log In to Vote
8ChikagirlnearJapanese1Log In to Vote
9ChogirlbutterflyJapanese2Log In to Vote
10DaigirlgreatJapanese1Log In to Vote
11EtsugirldelightJapanese0Log In to Vote
12FujitagirlfieldJapanese0Log In to Vote
13GingirlsilverJapanese1Log In to Vote
14GinagirlsilveryJapanese3Log In to Vote
15Hayagirlquick, lightJapanese0Log In to Vote
16Hisagirllong-lastingJapanese0Log In to Vote
17HoshigirlstarJapanese0Log In to Vote
18Kaedegirlmaple leafJapanese0Log In to Vote
19KaiyagirlforgivenessJapanese3Log In to Vote
20Kamekogirltortoise-child, symbol for long-lifeJapanese1Log In to Vote
21Keigirlrapture, reverenceJapanese1Log In to Vote
22Keikogirladored oneJapanese1Log In to Vote
23KichigirlfortunateJapanese0Log In to Vote
24KitagirlnorthJapanese1Log In to Vote
25Kohanagirllittle flowerJapanese0Log In to Vote
26KyokogirlmirrorJapanese0Log In to Vote
27LeikogirlarrogantJapanese0Log In to Vote
28Machigirlten thousandJapanese1Log In to Vote
29Machikogirlchild of MachiJapanese0Log In to Vote
30Maikogirlchild of MaiJapanese1Log In to Vote
31Makikogirlchild of MakiJapanese1Log In to Vote
32Mamikogirlchild of MamiJapanese1Log In to Vote
33Marikogirlchild of MariJapanese1Log In to Vote
34Masakogirlchild of MasaJapanese0Log In to Vote
35Mayakogirlchild of MayaJapanese1Log In to Vote
36Mayokogirlchild of MayoJapanese0Log In to Vote
37Mayukogirlchild of MayuJapanese0Log In to Vote
38MichigirlrighteousJapanese0Log In to Vote
39Michikogirlchild of MichiJapanese1Log In to Vote
40MidorigirlgreenJapanese2Log In to Vote
41Mihokogirlchild of MihokoJapanese0Log In to Vote
42Mikigirlbeautiful treeJapanese1Log In to Vote
43MinagirlsouthJapanese1Log In to Vote
44Minakogirlchild of MinaJapanese0Log In to Vote
45Minegirla resolute protectorJapanese1Log In to Vote
46Misakogirlchild of MisaJapanese0Log In to Vote
47Mitsukogirlbeautiful generations childJapanese0Log In to Vote
48Miyokogirlbeautiful generations childJapanese0Log In to Vote
49Momokogirlchild of MomoJapanese1Log In to Vote
50Mutsukogirlchild of MutsuJapanese0Log In to Vote
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