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151Sayokogirlchild of SayoJapanese0Log In to Vote
152SayurigirlLilyJapanese0Log In to Vote
153Seiichiboyfirst son of SeiJapanese0Log In to Vote
154Senichiboyfirst son of SenJapanese0Log In to Vote
155Shigekazuboyfirst son of ShigeJapanese0Log In to Vote
156ShikagirldeerJapanese0Log In to Vote
157Shinagirlvirtue, goodJapanese0Log In to Vote
158Shinichiboyfirst son of ShinJapanese0Log In to Vote
159Shoichiboyfirst son of ShoJapanese0Log In to Vote
160Shokogirlchild of ShoJapanese0Log In to Vote
161Shuichiboyfirst son of ShuJapanese0Log In to Vote
162Shunichiboyfirst son of ShunJapanese0Log In to Vote
163SoraboySkyJapanese0Log In to Vote
164Soranogirlof the skyJapanese0Log In to Vote
165Sosukeboy Japanese0Log In to Vote
166SukigirlbelovedJapanese1Log In to Vote
167Sumigirlclear, refinedJapanese0Log In to Vote
168Tadakogirlchild of TadaJapanese0Log In to Vote
169Taigaboybig riverJapanese1Log In to Vote
170Takagirltall, honorableJapanese0Log In to Vote
171TakaiboyJapanese0Log In to Vote
172Takakogirlchild of TakaJapanese0Log In to Vote
173Takaragirltreasure, precious objectJapanese0Log In to Vote
174TakuboyJapanese0Log In to Vote
175Tamikogirlchild of TamiJapanese0Log In to Vote
176TanakagirldwellerJapanese0Log In to Vote
177Taroboyfirst-born maleJapanese0Log In to Vote
178TatsuyegirlBorn in Year of DragonJapanese0Log In to Vote
179Tokikogirlchild of TokiJapanese0Log In to Vote
180Tomikogirlchild of TomiJapanese1Log In to Vote
181Tomoboya twinJapanese0Log In to Vote
182TorigirlbirdJapanese4Log In to Vote
183ToyogirlplentifulJapanese0Log In to Vote
184ToyoboyplentifulJapanese0Log In to Vote
185UmekogirlpatientJapanese0Log In to Vote
186UsagigirlmoonJapanese0Log In to Vote
187VonnboySmallJapanese0Log In to Vote
188Yasashikuboygentle, politeJapanese0Log In to Vote
189Yasuoboypeaceful oneJapanese0Log In to Vote
190YayoigirlMarchJapanese0Log In to Vote
191YeigirlflourishingJapanese0Log In to Vote
192Yogiboyone of the yoga practiceJapanese0Log In to Vote
193YokogirlpositiveJapanese1Log In to Vote
194Yoshiboybetter, bestJapanese0Log In to Vote
195YoshifumiboyJapanese0Log In to Vote
196Yoshikogirlchild of YoshiJapanese0Log In to Vote
197YoshimitsuboyJapanese0Log In to Vote
198YoshiyukiboyJapanese0Log In to Vote
199Yukakogirlchild of YukaJapanese0Log In to Vote
200YukiboyJapanese0Log In to Vote
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