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51Keigirlrapture, reverenceJapanese1Log In to Vote
52Keikogirladored oneJapanese1Log In to Vote
53Kentaroboybig boyJapanese0Log In to Vote
54KenzoboyStrong and healthyJapanese0Log In to Vote
55Keriko girlmeans light of heaven childJapanese0Log In to Vote
56KichigirlfortunateJapanese0Log In to Vote
57KikyogirlBellflowerJapanese0Log In to Vote
58KilikboySurnameJapanese0Log In to Vote
59KinboygoldenJapanese0Log In to Vote
60Kinugirl[key-new]Japanese0Log In to Vote
61KirigirlPaulownia TreeJapanese0Log In to Vote
62KisekigirlMeans miracleJapanese0Log In to Vote
63Kishoboyone who knows his own mindJapanese0Log In to Vote
64KitagirlJapanese1Log In to Vote
65KitagirlnorthJapanese1Log In to Vote
66KiyoshiboyquietJapanese0Log In to Vote
67Kohanagirllittle flowerJapanese0Log In to Vote
68KokunogirlJapanese0Log In to Vote
69KurikogirlCute, sweetJapanese1Log In to Vote
70Kuugaboychampion of justiceJapanese0Log In to Vote
71KyokogirlmirrorJapanese0Log In to Vote
72LeikogirlarrogantJapanese0Log In to Vote
73LyshahgirlJapanese0Log In to Vote
74Machigirlten thousandJapanese1Log In to Vote
75Machikogirlchild of MachiJapanese0Log In to Vote
76Maikogirlchild of MaiJapanese1Log In to Vote
77Makikogirlchild of MakiJapanese1Log In to Vote
78Mamikogirlchild of MamiJapanese1Log In to Vote
79MamoruboyearthJapanese1Log In to Vote
80ManagirlloveJapanese0Log In to Vote
81Marikogirlchild of MariJapanese1Log In to Vote
82Masakazuboyfirst son of MasaJapanese0Log In to Vote
83Masakogirlchild of MasaJapanese0Log In to Vote
84Mayakogirlchild of MayaJapanese1Log In to Vote
85Mayokogirlchild of MayoJapanese0Log In to Vote
86Mayukogirlchild of MayuJapanese0Log In to Vote
87MeisagirlpureJapanese0Log In to Vote
88MichigirlrighteousJapanese0Log In to Vote
89Michikogirlchild of MichiJapanese1Log In to Vote
90MidorigirlgreenJapanese2Log In to Vote
91Mihogirl Japanese0Log In to Vote
92Mihokogirlchild of MihokoJapanese0Log In to Vote
93Mikigirlbeautiful treeJapanese1Log In to Vote
94Mikugirl Japanese0Log In to Vote
95MinagirlsouthJapanese1Log In to Vote
96Minakogirlchild of MinaJapanese0Log In to Vote
97Minegirla resolute protectorJapanese1Log In to Vote
98Misakogirlchild of MisaJapanese0Log In to Vote
99Mitsukogirlbeautiful generations childJapanese0Log In to Vote
100Miyokogirlbeautiful generations childJapanese0Log In to Vote
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