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101Radomérboyhappy, peaceHungarian0Log In to Vote
102RegőboyHungarian0Log In to Vote
103RendorboypolicemanHungarian0Log In to Vote
104RezsőboyHungarian0Log In to Vote
105Ritikagirl Hungarian0Log In to Vote
106Robiboyshining with fameHungarian0Log In to Vote
107RókusboyHungarian0Log In to Vote
108Sandorboyhelper and defender of mankindHungarian0Log In to Vote
109SebesboyfastHungarian0Log In to Vote
110ShantiboyPeaceHungarian0Log In to Vote
111Soltboyname of an honorHungarian0Log In to Vote
112SólyomboyfalconHungarian0Log In to Vote
113Somaboya kind of berryHungarian1Log In to Vote
114Surányboyname of an honorHungarian0Log In to Vote
115SzabolcsboyHungarian0Log In to Vote
116SzalókboyHungarian0Log In to Vote
117Szemereboysmall man, demolisherHungarian0Log In to Vote
118SzervácboyfreedHungarian0Log In to Vote
119Szescőboyserious, strictHungarian0Log In to Vote
120SzilárdboyHungarian0Log In to Vote
121SzólátboyHungarian0Log In to Vote
122Taksonyboywell fed, content, merciless, wildHungarian0Log In to Vote
123TarcalboyHungarian0Log In to Vote
124TardosboybaldHungarian0Log In to Vote
125Tarjánboyname of an honorHungarian0Log In to Vote
126Tasboywell fed, stoneHungarian0Log In to Vote
127TétényboychieftainHungarian0Log In to Vote
128Tihamérboylikes silenceHungarian0Log In to Vote
129Tituszboydove, honoredHungarian0Log In to Vote
130Tivadarboygift of GodHungarian0Log In to Vote
131Tomajboyname of a clanHungarian0Log In to Vote
132TziganegirlGypsy, Non-ConformistHungarian0Log In to Vote
133UbulboyHungarian0Log In to Vote
134Ugodboyname of a clanHungarian0Log In to Vote
135UgorboyHungarianHungarian0Log In to Vote
136UporboyHungarian0Log In to Vote
137Urosboylittle lordHungarian0Log In to Vote
138Uzorboyname of an ethnic groupHungarian0Log In to Vote
139Várkonyboyname of an Avar ethnic groupHungarian0Log In to Vote
140Varsŕnyboyname of an ethnic groupHungarian0Log In to Vote
141VaykboyrichHungarian0Log In to Vote
142VázsonyboyHungarian0Log In to Vote
143VidorboyhappyHungarian0Log In to Vote
144Vitézboybrave warriorHungarian0Log In to Vote
145YashwinboyHungarian0Log In to Vote
146ZádorboyviolentHungarian0Log In to Vote
147ZágonboyHungarian0Log In to Vote
148ZajzonboyHungarian0Log In to Vote
149Zalánboythrower, hitterHungarian0Log In to Vote
150Zámorboyplough-landHungarian0Log In to Vote
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