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101AshritagirldependantHindu0Log In to Vote
102Ashutoshboyone who becomes happyHindu0Log In to Vote
103Ashwinboystrong horseHindu0Log In to Vote
104Ashwiniboyone of the constellationsHindu1Log In to Vote
105Asijaboya great sage, brother of BrihaspatiHindu0Log In to Vote
106Askinigirldaughter ofHindu0Log In to Vote
107AsmitagirlprideHindu0Log In to Vote
108Asumanboylord of vital breathsHindu0Log In to Vote
109Asvathamaboysun of DronaHindu0Log In to Vote
110Asvinboy(Nasatya and Dasra) gods of medicineHindu0Log In to Vote
111AthaliagirlGod is exalted, the lord is mightyHindu0Log In to Vote
112Atharvanboyknower of the Arthara vedasHindu0Log In to Vote
113AtmajagirldaughterHindu0Log In to Vote
114Atmajyotiboylight of AtmaHindu0Log In to Vote
115Atmanboythe selfHindu0Log In to Vote
116AtulboymatchlessHindu0Log In to Vote
117AtulyaboyincomparableHindu0Log In to Vote
118AvanigirlearthHindu0Log In to Vote
119Avantigirlancient MalwaHindu0Log In to Vote
120Avantikagirlcity nameHindu0Log In to Vote
121AvasagirlindependentHindu0Log In to Vote
122AvinashboyindestructibleHindu0Log In to Vote
123AyeshagirlGirl, fiery temperHindu0Log In to Vote
124AyushboyHindu0Log In to Vote
125Ayushigirllong lifeHindu0Log In to Vote
126Ayushmatigirlperson who has a long lifeHindu0Log In to Vote
127BabulboyGate of GodHindu1Log In to Vote
128BakagirlcraneHindu0Log In to Vote
129BalavanboypowerfulHindu0Log In to Vote
130Baliboymighty warriorHindu0Log In to Vote
131Balramboystrong GodHindu0Log In to Vote
132BankimboycurvedHindu0Log In to Vote
133BansiboyfluteHindu0Log In to Vote
134Belgirlsacred wood apple treeHindu0Log In to Vote
135Bencygirlnice girlHindu0Log In to Vote
136Bhagirathboyone who brought river Ganga to the earthHindu0Log In to Vote
137BhanugirlHindu0Log In to Vote
138Bharatboybeing maintainedHindu0Log In to Vote
139BharatigirlIndiaHindu1Log In to Vote
140BhaskarboysunHindu0Log In to Vote
141Bhaveshboylord of the worldHindu0Log In to Vote
142BhavinboyHindu0Log In to Vote
143BhavyagirlmaginificentHindu0Log In to Vote
144BhavyaboymagnificentHindu0Log In to Vote
145Bhimboyone of the PandavasHindu0Log In to Vote
146BhishmaboyterribleHindu0Log In to Vote
147Bhriguboya PrajapatiHindu0Log In to Vote
148Bhudevboylord of the earthHindu0Log In to Vote
149BhupenboykingHindu0Log In to Vote
150Bhupendraboyking of kingsHindu0Log In to Vote
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