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1Ellengirllight, mercyHebrew73Log In to Vote
2Eleoragirlthe lord is my lightHebrew63Log In to Vote
3SharongirlprincessHebrew55Log In to Vote
4GabrielboyGod is my strengthHebrew55Log In to Vote
5Benjaminboyson of my right handHebrew32Log In to Vote
6JoshuaboyJehovah savesHebrew31Log In to Vote
7Calebboybold, dogHebrew29Log In to Vote
8MatthewboyGift of the LordHebrew28Log In to Vote
9Noahboycomfort, wandererHebrew21Log In to Vote
10Danielboymy judge is the LordHebrew20Log In to Vote
11ElizabethgirlGod's oathHebrew20Log In to Vote
12Hannahgirlgrace of GodHebrew20Log In to Vote
13Jacobboyheld by the heelHebrew19Log In to Vote
14SadiegirlprincessHebrew19Log In to Vote
15GabriellegirlGod is my strengthHebrew17Log In to Vote
16Michaelboywho is like GodHebrew17Log In to Vote
17Davidboybeloved oneHebrew17Log In to Vote
18Rachelgirllittle lamb, an ewe, one with purityHebrew16Log In to Vote
19Janegirlgracious, merciful, God is graciousHebrew16Log In to Vote
20ElijahboyJehovah is GodHebrew15Log In to Vote
21Bethanygirlworshiper of GodHebrew14Log In to Vote
22Jordanboyto descend, to flowHebrew14Log In to Vote
23Edengirldelightful, adornment, paradiseHebrew14Log In to Vote
24JamesboysupplanterHebrew14Log In to Vote
25JackboyGod is gracious; also a nickname for JohnHebrew14Log In to Vote
26JadenboyGod has heardHebrew13Log In to Vote
27Jadegirlgreen gemstoneHebrew13Log In to Vote
28Rebeccagirlbound, tied, faithful oneHebrew13Log In to Vote
29LeviboyunitedHebrew13Log In to Vote
30Arielgirllioness of godHebrew11Log In to Vote
31Samuelboyhis name is GodHebrew11Log In to Vote
32Evegirllife givingHebrew11Log In to Vote
33JudeboypraiseHebrew11Log In to Vote
34Madelinegirlone who is elevated, a high towerHebrew10Log In to Vote
35Isaacboylaughing oneHebrew10Log In to Vote
36EvagirllifeHebrew10Log In to Vote
37JeremyboyGod will uplift, appointed by GodHebrew9Log In to Vote
38SarahgirlprincessHebrew9Log In to Vote
39Josiahboyfire of the LordHebrew9Log In to Vote
40Adamboyearth, created by GodHebrew8Log In to Vote
41Aylagirloak treeHebrew8Log In to Vote
42JosephboyGod will increaseHebrew8Log In to Vote
43JacquelinegirlsupplanterHebrew8Log In to Vote
44Nathanboygift of GodHebrew8Log In to Vote
45Justinboyjust, trueHebrew8Log In to Vote
46Gabeboyfrom the name GabrielHebrew8Log In to Vote
47JoelboyGod is willing, Jehovah is the LordHebrew7Log In to Vote
48Daniellegirlfeminine of DanielHebrew7Log In to Vote
49Jeremiahboyexalted of the LordHebrew7Log In to Vote
50Ezekielboystrength of GodHebrew7Log In to Vote
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