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1SophiegirlwisdomGreek61Log In to Vote
2ChloegirlbloomingGreek46Log In to Vote
3ChristopherboyChrist-bearerGreek27Log In to Vote
4Alexanderboyprotector of mankindGreek23Log In to Vote
5AnastasiagirlresurrectionGreek18Log In to Vote
6CatherinegirlpureGreek16Log In to Vote
7Alexandragirlhelper of mankindGreek16Log In to Vote
8AlyssagirllogicalGreek16Log In to Vote
9Echogirla nymph, repeated voiceGreek15Log In to Vote
10Alexagirlprotector of mankindGreek15Log In to Vote
11Evangelinegirllike an angelGreek14Log In to Vote
12Christianboyanointed, follows ChristGreek14Log In to Vote
13Nicolegirlvictorious peopleGreek14Log In to Vote
14Melaniegirldressed in black, darkGreek13Log In to Vote
15Damianboytamer, divine power, fateGreek12Log In to Vote
16Angelagirlheavenly messengerGreek11Log In to Vote
17Alexisgirlprotector of mankindGreek11Log In to Vote
18AngelgirlangelicGreek10Log In to Vote
19Lilliangirla lilyGreek10Log In to Vote
20ZoegirllifeGreek10Log In to Vote
21Eleanorgirllight, mercyGreek9Log In to Vote
22Cassandragirlprophet of doomGreek9Log In to Vote
23Christinagirlanointed, follows ChristGreek9Log In to Vote
24SelenagirlGreek8Log In to Vote
25Opheliagirluseful, wiseGreek8Log In to Vote
26Calistagirlmost beautifulGreek8Log In to Vote
27KaragirlpureGreek8Log In to Vote
28Phoebegirlbright oneGreek8Log In to Vote
29AriannagirlholyGreek8Log In to Vote
30Coragirlmaiden, small stoneGreek8Log In to Vote
31Nicholasboyvictorious peopleGreek7Log In to Vote
32Calypsogirlone who concealsGreek7Log In to Vote
33Georgiagirlfarmer, to work the earth, feminine of GeorgeGreek7Log In to Vote
34StefaniagirlcrownGreek7Log In to Vote
35KategirlpureGreek7Log In to Vote
36Alexboyprotector of mankind (from the name Alexander)Greek7Log In to Vote
37CandicegirlGreek7Log In to Vote
38Zanderboyform of AlexanderGreek6Log In to Vote
39Olympiagirlof Mount Olympus, heavenlyGreek6Log In to Vote
40Lyricgirlplayer of the lyreGreek6Log In to Vote
41KaiagirlearthGreek6Log In to Vote
42Melissagirlbee, honeyGreek6Log In to Vote
43Irisgirlrainbow, a play of colorsGreek6Log In to Vote
44Georgeboyfarmer, to work the earthGreek6Log In to Vote
45Alexandriagirldefender of mankindGreek6Log In to Vote
46HelenagirllightGreek5Log In to Vote
47Agathagirlgood, kindGreek5Log In to Vote
48Theodoreboygift of GodGreek5Log In to Vote
49MelodygirlsongGreek5Log In to Vote
50Dimitriboylove of the earthGreek5Log In to Vote
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