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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
51AnaisgirlgracefulGreek2Log In to Vote
52AnastasiagirlresurrectionGreek19Log In to Vote
53Anatoleboyfrom the EastGreek0Log In to Vote
54AnaxandragirlDefending men; variation of AlexandraGreek1Log In to Vote
55Andreagirlcourageous, feminine of AndrewGreek4Log In to Vote
56AndreaboycourageousGreek2Log In to Vote
57Andreasboystrong and manlyGreek1Log In to Vote
58Andreusboyson of river PeneiusGreek1Log In to Vote
59AndrinagirlstrengthGreek0Log In to Vote
60Andromedagirlbeautiful maiden rescued by PerseusGreek5Log In to Vote
61Andyboymanly (short for the name Andrew)Greek1Log In to Vote
62Anemonegirlbreath, windflowerGreek2Log In to Vote
63AngelgirlangelicGreek10Log In to Vote
64Angelagirlheavenly messengerGreek12Log In to Vote
65Angeloboyheavenly messengerGreek1Log In to Vote
66AnieliboymanlyGreek0Log In to Vote
67AnkerboymanlyGreek1Log In to Vote
68Anneliesegirlconsecrated and graciousGreek3Log In to Vote
69Anteiagirlwife of sea-god ProteusGreek0Log In to Vote
70Antheagirllady of flowersGreek2Log In to Vote
71Aphroditegirlgoddess of loveGreek4Log In to Vote
72Apollinegirlsunshine, warmth and strengthGreek0Log In to Vote
73Apolloboymanly beautyGreek2Log In to Vote
74Apolloniagirlfeminine form of Apollo, the God of the sunGreek1Log In to Vote
75Apostolosboymessenger, apostleGreek0Log In to Vote
76AresboyGod of warGreek1Log In to Vote
77Arethagirlthe best, nymphGreek0Log In to Vote
78AretinagirlvirtuousGreek0Log In to Vote
79Argusboybright, watchfulGreek1Log In to Vote
80AriannagirlholyGreek8Log In to Vote
81Ariciagirlprincess of the royal blood of AthensGreek1Log In to Vote
82ArionboymusicianGreek0Log In to Vote
83ArissagirlbestGreek0Log In to Vote
84AristoboybestGreek1Log In to Vote
85ArsenboystrongGreek0Log In to Vote
86Arsenioboymanly, virileGreek0Log In to Vote
87ArtemisgirlGoddess of the hunt, forest, hills and the moonGreek0Log In to Vote
88ArtemisboymoonGreek0Log In to Vote
89Artemisiagirlbelonging to ArtemisGreek1Log In to Vote
90AsiagirleastGreek2Log In to Vote
91AspasiagirlwelcomedGreek0Log In to Vote
92Astragirllike a starGreek2Log In to Vote
93AthanboyimmortalGreek1Log In to Vote
94Athenagirlgoddess of wisdomGreek5Log In to Vote
95AtlantagirlGreek3Log In to Vote
96Attisboyhandsome boyGreek0Log In to Vote
97Auregirlbreeze, soft-airGreek0Log In to Vote
98Axeliagirlprotector of mankindGreek1Log In to Vote
99AzariahboyA Biblical name. SunlightGreek0Log In to Vote
100AzeyleagirlbeautyGreek0Log In to Vote
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