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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Emmagirluniversal, all-embracingGerman34Log In to Vote
2Madisongirlson of a mighty warrior; son of MaudGerman32Log In to Vote
3Avagirla birdGerman19Log In to Vote
4Allisongirlof noble birthGerman17Log In to Vote
5Henryboyruler of the homeGerman15Log In to Vote
6Aubreygirlelf ruleGerman14Log In to Vote
7LeoboyGerman13Log In to Vote
8Addisongirl"noble"German9Log In to Vote
9Gretchengirllittle pearlGerman7Log In to Vote
10Loreleigirlfrom the Rhine RiverGerman7Log In to Vote
11Gisellegirla pledgeGerman6Log In to Vote
12Mallorygirlarmy counseler, without good fortuneGerman6Log In to Vote
13Walterboypowerful warrior, rule armyGerman5Log In to Vote
14CarleighgirlfreeholderGerman5Log In to Vote
15Alaricboynoble rulerGerman5Log In to Vote
16Addiegirljoyful, kindGerman4Log In to Vote
17Edwinboyprosperous friend, heir's axeGerman4Log In to Vote
18AdelinagirlnobleGerman4Log In to Vote
19Heidigirlnoble, kindGerman3Log In to Vote
20Baldwinboybold friendGerman3Log In to Vote
21Maudgirlstrength in battleGerman3Log In to Vote
22Bernardboybold as a bearGerman3Log In to Vote
23PepingirlperseveranceGerman3Log In to Vote
24CharleighgirlBeauty,German3Log In to Vote
25Archieboytruly brave (from the name Archibald)German3Log In to Vote
26Claygirladhere, mortalGerman3Log In to Vote
27Leonardboylion-heartedGerman3Log In to Vote
28BilliegirlGerman3Log In to Vote
29AllygirlGerman2Log In to Vote
30AdlerboyeagleGerman2Log In to Vote
31Ilsegirlshort for ElizabethGerman2Log In to Vote
32Albertboynoble and brightGerman2Log In to Vote
33WandagirlwandererGerman2Log In to Vote
34Louisboyfamed warriorGerman2Log In to Vote
35ShaygirlLovelyGerman2Log In to Vote
36Kieferboybarrel-makerGerman2Log In to Vote
37Arabellegirlbeautiful eagleGerman2Log In to Vote
38Lorrainegirlwhere Lothar dwellsGerman2Log In to Vote
39CallangirlchatterGerman2Log In to Vote
40AnnaMariagirlBitter graceGerman2Log In to Vote
41SchmetterlinggirlbutterflyGerman2Log In to Vote
42LewisboywarriorGerman2Log In to Vote
43Albertagirlnoble and brightGerman2Log In to Vote
44Alliegirlof noble birthGerman2Log In to Vote
45Erikboyform of EricGerman2Log In to Vote
46Kaschboylike a blackbirdGerman2Log In to Vote
47Conradboybrave counselGerman2Log In to Vote
48Ebbagirlstrength, return of the tideGerman2Log In to Vote
49KellenboyswampGerman2Log In to Vote
50Aldousboyold wealthyGerman1Log In to Vote
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