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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
101FranziskagirlA German version of Francesca German0Log In to Vote
102Frederickboypeaceful rulerGerman0Log In to Vote
103Frederikagirlpeaceful rulerGerman0Log In to Vote
104Fremontboyguardian of freedomGerman0Log In to Vote
105Friedagirlpeace, joyGerman0Log In to Vote
106Galianagirlsupreme oneGerman0Log In to Vote
107GarinboywarriorGerman0Log In to Vote
108Geertboybrave strengthGerman0Log In to Vote
109Geradboystrange understanding of other peopleGerman0Log In to Vote
110Gerardboyspear-braveGerman2Log In to Vote
111GerdagirlprotectionGerman0Log In to Vote
112Gisellegirla pledgeGerman6Log In to Vote
113GrahamgirlGrahamGerman0Log In to Vote
114GrantlanboyGerman0Log In to Vote
115Gretchengirllittle pearlGerman7Log In to Vote
116GuseboyGerman0Log In to Vote
117Hackettboylittle woodsmanGerman0Log In to Vote
118HahnboyroosterGerman1Log In to Vote
119HalliannagirlGerman0Log In to Vote
120Hankboyruler of an estateGerman0Log In to Vote
121Hastingsboyswift oneGerman0Log In to Vote
122Heidigirlnoble, kindGerman4Log In to Vote
123Hellerboythe sunGerman0Log In to Vote
124Helmuthboyhelmet, protector, courageGerman0Log In to Vote
125Henrigirlof water, wind, fire, shadows, earth, plants, animals and loved by GodGerman0Log In to Vote
126Henriettagirlruler of the homeGerman0Log In to Vote
127Henryboyruler of the homeGerman15Log In to Vote
128Herbboyfamous rulerGerman0Log In to Vote
129Herbertboybright, excellent army or rulerGerman0Log In to Vote
130Hermanboyman of the armyGerman0Log In to Vote
131HorstboyGerman0Log In to Vote
132Hubertboyshining of mindGerman1Log In to Vote
133Hudboybright soulGerman0Log In to Vote
134Hueyboyfrom the name HughGerman0Log In to Vote
135Humbertboyfamous HunGerman0Log In to Vote
136IdoniagirlindustriousGerman0Log In to Vote
137IgnatzboyhayGerman0Log In to Vote
138Ilsegirlshort for ElizabethGerman2Log In to Vote
139Imreboygreat kingGerman1Log In to Vote
140Jaegerboyoutdoors manGerman0Log In to Vote
141JairrengirlSounds like "Karen" with a "J"German0Log In to Vote
142Jaroldboystrong with a spearGerman0Log In to Vote
143Jarviagirlspear-keenGerman0Log In to Vote
144Jarviniagirlkeen intelligenceGerman0Log In to Vote
145Jeffrieboypeaceful rulerGerman0Log In to Vote
146Jenellgirlknowledge, understanding, kindnessGerman0Log In to Vote
147JohannboyGod's gracious giftGerman1Log In to Vote
148JohannesboyGod is graciousGerman0Log In to Vote
149KaciegirlGerman1Log In to Vote
150Karateboylike a blackbirdGerman0Log In to Vote
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