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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
51BilliegirlGerman3Log In to Vote
52Billyboyform of the name WilliamGerman1Log In to Vote
53Binghamboykettle-shaped hollowGerman1Log In to Vote
54Blazboyunwavering protectorGerman0Log In to Vote
55Blumagirla flower, bloomGerman0Log In to Vote
56Brandeisboydweller on a burned clearingGerman0Log In to Vote
57Brunhildegirldark or nobleGerman0Log In to Vote
58Burkeboybirch treeGerman0Log In to Vote
59CallangirlchatterGerman2Log In to Vote
60CarleighgirlfreeholderGerman5Log In to Vote
61CecaniagirlfreeGerman1Log In to Vote
62CharleighgirlBeauty,German3Log In to Vote
63ChlorisgirlpaleGerman1Log In to Vote
64Chugirlkindly pretty smooth beautiful flowerGerman0Log In to Vote
65Claygirladhere, mortalGerman3Log In to Vote
66Conradboybrave counselGerman2Log In to Vote
67CortboyboldGerman1Log In to Vote
68Czarinagirla Russian empressGerman0Log In to Vote
69Dagmargirljoyous day, bright, joy of the DanesGerman0Log In to Vote
70Dagnagirla splendid dayGerman0Log In to Vote
71Dagobertboyshining sunGerman0Log In to Vote
72DamegirlladyGerman0Log In to Vote
73Dedalusboybrave powerGerman0Log In to Vote
74DeeneboyPermutation of Dean with same meaning. German0Log In to Vote
75DerekboyrulerGerman1Log In to Vote
76Derricboyruler of the peopleGerman0Log In to Vote
77Dieterboythe people's rulerGerman0Log In to Vote
78DietlindegirlGerman0Log In to Vote
79DuckygirlGerman0Log In to Vote
80Dutchboythe GermanGerman0Log In to Vote
81Ebbagirlstrength, return of the tideGerman2Log In to Vote
82Eberhardboystrong wild boarGerman0Log In to Vote
83Edwinboyprosperous friend, heir's axeGerman4Log In to Vote
84Edwinagirlprosperous friend, heir's axeGerman1Log In to Vote
85EeroboyPronounced AIR-OGerman0Log In to Vote
86Egbertboysword, famous, shinyGerman0Log In to Vote
87Egmontboyweapon, defenderGerman1Log In to Vote
88ElkegirlGerman0Log In to Vote
89Elleryboyone who lives near the elder tree, cheerfulGerman0Log In to Vote
90Emericboywork ruleGerman1Log In to Vote
91Emeryboyruler of work, powerful homeGerman0Log In to Vote
92Emilboyindustrious, to emulateGerman0Log In to Vote
93Emmagirluniversal, all-embracingGerman36Log In to Vote
94Erikboyform of EricGerman2Log In to Vote
95Ernestboyearnest, vigorous, battler to the deathGerman1Log In to Vote
96Ernestinegirlearnest, vigorousGerman0Log In to Vote
97Ernieboybattler to the death; short for ErnestGerman0Log In to Vote
98Faigagirla birdGerman1Log In to Vote
99Ferdinandboycourageous travelerGerman0Log In to Vote
100FloygirlGerman0Log In to Vote
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