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101Quashi'miuoogirlvibrant sparkleGaelic0Log In to Vote
102QuillanboyclubGaelic1Log In to Vote
103Reganboylittle kingGaelic3Log In to Vote
104Rennyboysmall but mightyGaelic0Log In to Vote
105Rhoswengirlwhite roseGaelic0Log In to Vote
106RianboyAnother form of Ryan, little kingGaelic0Log In to Vote
107Rianegirllittle kingGaelic0Log In to Vote
108RileygirlvaliantGaelic3Log In to Vote
109RileyboyvaliantGaelic17Log In to Vote
110RiordanboypoetGaelic3Log In to Vote
111Roarkeboyfamous rulerGaelic0Log In to Vote
112Rogangirlred-hairedGaelic1Log In to Vote
113Roganboyred-hairedGaelic1Log In to Vote
114Ronagirlcovenant, oathGaelic0Log In to Vote
115Rooneyboyred-hairedGaelic0Log In to Vote
116RoriegirlRed King/QueenGaelic0Log In to Vote
117Roryboyred kingGaelic1Log In to Vote
118Ryanboylittle kingGaelic8Log In to Vote
119Ryangirllittle kingGaelic1Log In to Vote
120SadbgirlGaelic0Log In to Vote
121SenachboyGaelic0Log In to Vote
122Shanleygirlchild of the old heroGaelic1Log In to Vote
123Sheehanboylittle peaceful oneGaelic0Log In to Vote
124ShelbyboyGaelic0Log In to Vote
125SinegirlGod's gracious giftGaelic1Log In to Vote
126SiobhangirlGaelic2Log In to Vote
127SlevinboymountaineerGaelic0Log In to Vote
128SloanboywarriorGaelic0Log In to Vote
129SorchagirlbrightGaelic2Log In to Vote
130Sullivanboyblack eyesGaelic0Log In to Vote
131Sullyboyto stainGaelic0Log In to Vote
132Sweenyboylittle heroGaelic0Log In to Vote
133Sydniegirlone of the willow, two of the oakGaelic0Log In to Vote
134Vevilagirlwoman with a melodious voiceGaelic0Log In to Vote
135Vicalyngirlevil enchantressGaelic0Log In to Vote
136ZowieboyGaelic0Log In to Vote
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