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1Charlottegirlpetite and feminineFrench31Log In to Vote
2MasonboystoneworkerFrench25Log In to Vote
3ChaseboyhunterFrench18Log In to Vote
4Rubygirlred gemFrench16Log In to Vote
5BridgettegirlFrench13Log In to Vote
6Aubreegirlblonde rulerFrench13Log In to Vote
7BellagirlbeautifulFrench12Log In to Vote
8Noellegirlborn on ChristmasFrench11Log In to Vote
9Ellegirlwoman, girlFrench10Log In to Vote
10Baileyboybailiff, fortification, ableFrench10Log In to Vote
11Mariegirlform of MaryFrench10Log In to Vote
12Sydneygirlfrom city of St. DenisFrench10Log In to Vote
13DamienboyuntamedFrench9Log In to Vote
14Elisegirlform of ElizabethFrench9Log In to Vote
15Genevievegirlwhite waveFrench8Log In to Vote
16Briellegirlexalted goddessFrench8Log In to Vote
17Joliegirlpretty, merryFrench7Log In to Vote
18Audragirlfrom the name AudreyFrench7Log In to Vote
19Carriegirlsong of joyFrench6Log In to Vote
20Michellegirlfeminine of MichaelFrench6Log In to Vote
21ChanelgirlcanalFrench5Log In to Vote
22Charlenegirlsmall beautyFrench5Log In to Vote
23Lianagirlvine, to bind; youthFrench5Log In to Vote
24Mabelgirlmy fair maid; lovelyFrench5Log In to Vote
25BellegirlbeautifulFrench5Log In to Vote
26Remygirlfrom RheimsFrench5Log In to Vote
27Beauboyhandsome, beautifulFrench5Log In to Vote
28NoellagirlChristmasFrench5Log In to Vote
29TravisboycrossingFrench4Log In to Vote
30ElainegirllightFrench4Log In to Vote
31Fredboypeaceful ruler, short for FrederickFrench4Log In to Vote
32Carissagirltender touchFrench4Log In to Vote
33Astinboystrong leader, trustworthyFrench4Log In to Vote
34Flannerygirlsheet of metal, flat landFrench4Log In to Vote
35Leroyboythe kingFrench4Log In to Vote
36TempestgirlstormFrench4Log In to Vote
37JulesboyyouthfulFrench3Log In to Vote
38JavierboyJanuary, enlightenedFrench3Log In to Vote
39Lacygirlplace nameFrench3Log In to Vote
40Jeannettegirlgod is graciousFrench3Log In to Vote
41Chandlerboycandle makerFrench3Log In to Vote
42Corbinboyraven, black hairFrench3Log In to Vote
43Demigirlhalf, smallFrench3Log In to Vote
44DarrellboydarlingFrench3Log In to Vote
45BriargirlHeatherFrench3Log In to Vote
46DejagirlbeforeFrench3Log In to Vote
47Tysonboyson of a German, son of TyFrench3Log In to Vote
48Aubriegirlblonde rulerFrench3Log In to Vote
49AvelinegirlhazelFrench3Log In to Vote
50BriergirlheatherFrench3Log In to Vote
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