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151Forestboyout of the woodsFrench0Log In to Vote
152Fosterboyforest keeperFrench0Log In to Vote
153FrankboyfreeFrench1Log In to Vote
154Franklinboyfree manFrench0Log In to Vote
155FraserboystrawberryFrench0Log In to Vote
156FrasierboystrawberryFrench0Log In to Vote
157Fredboypeaceful ruler, short for FrederickFrench4Log In to Vote
158Freddieboypeaceful ruler, short for FrederickFrench1Log In to Vote
159FrederiquegirlFrench1Log In to Vote
160GaelleFather's favoredFrench0Log In to Vote
161GarlandboywreathFrench0Log In to Vote
162Gastonboynative of GasconyFrench0Log In to Vote
163GayboymerryFrench1Log In to Vote
164Gaylordboybrave strengthFrench0Log In to Vote
165Genevievegirlwhite waveFrench8Log In to Vote
166Germainboyfrom Germany; budFrench0Log In to Vote
167Ghislainegirlsweet pledgeFrench0Log In to Vote
168Gildasboy French0Log In to Vote
169Granvilleboyfrom the big townFrench0Log In to Vote
170Guyboyguide; wood or wideFrench1Log In to Vote
171Harcourtboyresidence nameFrench0Log In to Vote
172HivergirlwinterFrench0Log In to Vote
173Honey BeegirlFull of life, gentleFrench0Log In to Vote
174Hopelynngirlcombonation of hope and lynnFrench0Log In to Vote
175HughesboyFrench0Log In to Vote
176IolanthegirlvioletFrench1Log In to Vote
177Jacquesboyfrom the name JacobFrench0Log In to Vote
178JaimiegirlI loveFrench1Log In to Vote
179JamarigirlwarriorFrench0Log In to Vote
180JanarigirljubilantFrench0Log In to Vote
181JanickgirlFrench0Log In to Vote
182JantellgirlFrench0Log In to Vote
183Jaquesboyform of Jacob and James; the supplanterFrench0Log In to Vote
184JavierboyJanuary, enlightenedFrench3Log In to Vote
185JaviergirlJanuary, enlightenedFrench1Log In to Vote
186Jeah'vonneboyFrench0Log In to Vote
187JeanboyGod is graciousFrench0Log In to Vote
188Jean-LucboyFrench0Log In to Vote
189Jean-PierreboyFrench1Log In to Vote
190Jeannegirlform of JoanFrench1Log In to Vote
191Jeannettegirlgod is graciousFrench3Log In to Vote
192JefthaboyFrench0Log In to Vote
193Jenaygirlname of a plantFrench1Log In to Vote
194Jeriboynickname for the name GeraldFrench0Log In to Vote
195Jermaineboyfrom GermanyFrench0Log In to Vote
196JesellegirlFrench0Log In to Vote
197JilandreboyFrench1Log In to Vote
198Joliegirlpretty, merryFrench7Log In to Vote
199Jordengirlunstoppable/determinedFrench1Log In to Vote
200JulesboyyouthfulFrench3Log In to Vote
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