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101Cherylgirlbeloved, dearFrench3Log In to Vote
102Chevalierboyknight, chase, huntFrench0Log In to Vote
103ChristianegirlFrench1Log In to Vote
104Cielboyfrom heavenFrench0Log In to Vote
105ClaricegirlThoughtful,Brave,Loud,Speaks her mindFrench1Log In to Vote
106ClemencegirlFrench1Log In to Vote
107CollettegirlFrench0Log In to Vote
108Corbinboyraven, black hairFrench4Log In to Vote
109Crescentgirlone who createsFrench2Log In to Vote
110CypriengirlcypriotFrench1Log In to Vote
111Daciogirlfrom arcyFrench0Log In to Vote
112DamienboyuntamedFrench9Log In to Vote
113Danniellboymy judge is the LordFrench0Log In to Vote
114DarellboybelovedFrench1Log In to Vote
115DarrellboydarlingFrench3Log In to Vote
116DartagnanboyleaderFrench0Log In to Vote
117Dashboypage boyFrench0Log In to Vote
118Dashiellboypage boyFrench1Log In to Vote
119DaxboywaterFrench0Log In to Vote
120DeavionegirlFrench0Log In to Vote
121DejagirlbeforeFrench3Log In to Vote
122DejaFrench0Log In to Vote
123Delanoboyof the nightFrench1Log In to Vote
124DelmarboymarinerFrench0Log In to Vote
125Demigirlhalf, smallFrench3Log In to Vote
126Denisboyvariant of the name DennisFrench0Log In to Vote
127DestineegirldestinyFrench0Log In to Vote
128Destrygirlwar horseFrench2Log In to Vote
129Diamantagirllike a diamondFrench0Log In to Vote
130DiaraFrench1Log In to Vote
131Diorgirlbeautiful designer fashionFrench0Log In to Vote
132Dominiquegirlbelonging to GodFrench0Log In to Vote
133DonatienboygiftFrench0Log In to Vote
134DoreengirlgoldenFrench0Log In to Vote
135Dorigirlgolden-hairedFrench1Log In to Vote
136DurellgirlStrongFrench0Log In to Vote
137ElainegirllightFrench4Log In to Vote
138Elisegirlform of ElizabethFrench9Log In to Vote
139Elitagirlspecial oneFrench0Log In to Vote
140Ellegirlwoman, girlFrench10Log In to Vote
141Eloisegirlintelligent, smartFrench2Log In to Vote
142Etienneboyform of Estienne, Ettie, EttaFrench0Log In to Vote
143Fabre`girlblacksmithFrench0Log In to Vote
144FantinegirlchildlikeFrench0Log In to Vote
145FarahgirlbeautifulFrench1Log In to Vote
146FayegirlfairyFrench0Log In to Vote
147Faymegirlheld in high esteemFrench1Log In to Vote
148FelicitegirlfortunateFrench0Log In to Vote
149Flanneryboysheet of metal, flat landFrench0Log In to Vote
150Flannerygirlsheet of metal, flat landFrench4Log In to Vote
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