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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Adelia girlFrench0Log In to Vote
2Adoragirlbeloved oneFrench1Log In to Vote
3Alainagirlharmonious oneFrench3Log In to Vote
4AlavdagirllarkFrench1Log In to Vote
5Alaynagirlvariant of AlainaFrench1Log In to Vote
6Aleronboyknight armorFrench1Log In to Vote
7AlethagirlBlack Eye Black hairFrench0Log In to Vote
8AlgernonboymustachioedFrench0Log In to Vote
9Alonsoboyhaving whiskers (from the name Algernon)French0Log In to Vote
10AlsatiagirlFrom Alsace-Loraine area of FranceFrench0Log In to Vote
11Amarantegirlflower nameFrench0Log In to Vote
12AmauryboyFrench form of AlmaricFrench0Log In to Vote
13Ameliegirlhard workingFrench2Log In to Vote
14AmmoricaFrench0Log In to Vote
15AmoregirlLoveFrench0Log In to Vote
16AndiegirlcourageousFrench1Log In to Vote
17Andreboymanly, courageousFrench1Log In to Vote
18AngeliagirlGuardian angelFrench0Log In to Vote
19AngeliquegirlangelicFrench3Log In to Vote
20Angevingirlangel of wineFrench0Log In to Vote
21Anjollegirlpretty angelFrench2Log In to Vote
22Annettegirlgracious, variant of AnneFrench2Log In to Vote
23Anthonioboyhandsome French0Log In to Vote
24AramisboyarcherFrench0Log In to Vote
25ArianegirlholyFrench2Log In to Vote
26Armandboyof the armyFrench0Log In to Vote
27Astinboystrong leader, trustworthyFrench4Log In to Vote
28Aubreegirlblonde rulerFrench14Log In to Vote
29Aubriegirlblonde rulerFrench3Log In to Vote
30Audragirlfrom the name AudreyFrench7Log In to Vote
31Audricboyold and wise ruleFrench1Log In to Vote
32AvelinegirlhazelFrench3Log In to Vote
33AviangirlbirdlikeFrench1Log In to Vote
34AvrilgirlAprilFrench2Log In to Vote
35AylingirlFrench0Log In to Vote
36Babettegirlstranger, lovelyFrench2Log In to Vote
37Baileyboybailiff, fortification, ableFrench10Log In to Vote
38Bariboyspear thrower, son of Harry, marksmanFrench0Log In to Vote
39Barigirlspear thrower, marksmanFrench1Log In to Vote
40Barrasboyboy nameFrench0Log In to Vote
41Barryboyspear thrower, son of Harry, marksmanFrench1Log In to Vote
42BastienboyvenerableFrench2Log In to Vote
43BaylaagirlbeautyFrench0Log In to Vote
44Beauboyhandsome, beautifulFrench5Log In to Vote
45Beaumontboyfrom the beautiful mountainFrench0Log In to Vote
46Beauregardboybeautiful, handsomeFrench1Log In to Vote
47BebeboybabyFrench0Log In to Vote
48BebegirlbabyFrench2Log In to Vote
49BedeliagirlstrengthFrench1Log In to Vote
50BelamiegirlFrench0Log In to Vote
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