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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Adalaidegirlnoble, variant of HeidiEnglish8Log In to Vote
2Aftongirlriver nameEnglish1Log In to Vote
3Aldercygirla chiefEnglish0Log In to Vote
4Alexigirlfemale variant of AlexanderEnglish4Log In to Vote
5Aliciagirlof noble birthEnglish4Log In to Vote
6AlyxgirlhelperEnglish5Log In to Vote
7Amarisgirlchild of the moonEnglish4Log In to Vote
8Annabethgirlcombination name of Anna and BethEnglish4Log In to Vote
9Annalynngirlcombination name of Anna and LynnEnglish1Log In to Vote
10Ashgirlfrom the ash treeEnglish1Log In to Vote
11Ashleegirlfrom the field of ash treesEnglish2Log In to Vote
12Ashleighgirlfrom the ash treeEnglish4Log In to Vote
13Ashleygirlash-treeEnglish7Log In to Vote
14Ashligirlash tree meadowEnglish2Log In to Vote
15Ashtongirlfrom the Ash Tree TownEnglish1Log In to Vote
16Ashtyngirlfrom the Ash Tree TownEnglish2Log In to Vote
17Aspengirltype of treeEnglish12Log In to Vote
18AstergirlstarEnglish2Log In to Vote
19AsterixgirlstarEnglish1Log In to Vote
20Athertongirldweller at the springEnglish0Log In to Vote
21Audreygirlnoble strengthEnglish10Log In to Vote
22AvenagirloatsEnglish0Log In to Vote
23Baileegirlcourtyard within the wallsEnglish4Log In to Vote
24BailigirlbailiffEnglish1Log In to Vote
25BaxtergirlbakerEnglish1Log In to Vote
26Beccalynngirlcombination name of Becca and LynnEnglish0Log In to Vote
27BethshayagirlEnglish0Log In to Vote
28Beverleegirlbeaver streamEnglish0Log In to Vote
29Beverligirlfrom the stream of a beaverEnglish1Log In to Vote
30Beverlygirlmeadow of beaversEnglish2Log In to Vote
31BlithegirlhappyEnglish1Log In to Vote
32BlossomgirllovelyEnglish6Log In to Vote
33BlythegirljoyousEnglish3Log In to Vote
34Bobbigirlnickname for RobertaEnglish1Log In to Vote
35BraelyngirlEnglish2Log In to Vote
36Brendagirlfiery hill, sword-bladeEnglish2Log In to Vote
37Briagirlvariant of BrianneEnglish2Log In to Vote
38Britneygirlfrom Great BritainEnglish0Log In to Vote
39BrookgirlstreamEnglish0Log In to Vote
40BrooklyngirlwaterEnglish14Log In to Vote
41BrooklynngirlwaterEnglish9Log In to Vote
42Bunnygirllittle rabbitEnglish1Log In to Vote
43Burdettegirlsmall birdEnglish0Log In to Vote
44Camerongirlbent nose, dark-haired beautyEnglish6Log In to Vote
45Carlinggirlhill where old women or witches gatherEnglish1Log In to Vote
46CarringtongirlbeautifulEnglish3Log In to Vote
47Chelseagirlriver landing place, portEnglish6Log In to Vote
48Claibornegirlborn of the earthEnglish2Log In to Vote
49ClovisgirlcloverEnglish2Log In to Vote
50Columbiagirla doveEnglish1Log In to Vote
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