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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
51Ashleyboyash treeEnglish0Log In to Vote
52Ashligirlash tree meadowEnglish2Log In to Vote
53AshlynnegirlBeautiful ash tree meadowEnglish2Log In to Vote
54Ashtinboydweller at the ash-tree townEnglish1Log In to Vote
55Ashtongirlfrom the Ash Tree TownEnglish1Log In to Vote
56Ashtonboyash treeEnglish12Log In to Vote
57Ashtyngirlfrom the Ash Tree TownEnglish2Log In to Vote
58Ashtynboyfrom the ash-tree townEnglish2Log In to Vote
59Aspengirltype of treeEnglish12Log In to Vote
60AstergirlstarEnglish2Log In to Vote
61AsterixgirlstarEnglish1Log In to Vote
62AstleyboystarEnglish0Log In to Vote
63Atherolboydweller at the spring farmEnglish0Log In to Vote
64Athertongirldweller at the springEnglish0Log In to Vote
65AttasingirlA variation of AddisonEnglish0Log In to Vote
66Atticusboyfather-likeEnglish6Log In to Vote
67Atwaterboyfrom the watersideEnglish0Log In to Vote
68Atwoodboyforest dwellerEnglish0Log In to Vote
69Audreygirlnoble strengthEnglish10Log In to Vote
70AvalongirlheavenEnglish0Log In to Vote
71AvalonboyislandEnglish3Log In to Vote
72AvenagirloatsEnglish0Log In to Vote
73Averillboyboar-warriorEnglish0Log In to Vote
74Baileegirlcourtyard within the wallsEnglish4Log In to Vote
75BailigirlbailiffEnglish1Log In to Vote
76Ballardboya dancing songEnglish0Log In to Vote
77Bancroftboybean fieldEnglish0Log In to Vote
78Barclayboybirch meadowEnglish0Log In to Vote
79Bardenboyboar's denEnglish0Log In to Vote
80Bardolphboyfamous wolf; ax wolf; ferociousEnglish0Log In to Vote
81Barnettboynoble manEnglish2Log In to Vote
82Baronboynoble manEnglish2Log In to Vote
83Barseboyfresh-water perchEnglish0Log In to Vote
84Bartonboyfrom the barley farmEnglish0Log In to Vote
85Bartyboyperson full of furrowsEnglish0Log In to Vote
86BaulboysnailEnglish0Log In to Vote
87BavolboywindEnglish0Log In to Vote
88BaxtergirlbakerEnglish1Log In to Vote
89BaxterboybakerEnglish1Log In to Vote
90Beacherboydweller by the beech treeEnglish0Log In to Vote
91BeamanboybeekeeperEnglish0Log In to Vote
92Beardsleyboybeard, woodEnglish0Log In to Vote
93Beccalynngirlcombination name of Becca and LynnEnglish0Log In to Vote
94BedeboyprayerEnglish0Log In to Vote
95BennettboyEnglish3Log In to Vote
96Benningboymilitary base in georgiaEnglish0Log In to Vote
97BentleeboyCoarse grass meadow, moor, bent grass clearing.English0Log In to Vote
98Bentleyboyfrom the moorEnglish12Log In to Vote
99Bentlyboylovely name English3Log In to Vote
100Bentonboymoor dwellerEnglish0Log In to Vote
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