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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
51ChadwickboywarriorCeltic2Log In to Vote
52Clancyboyoffspring of red-headed soldierCeltic1Log In to Vote
53CoalanboyslenderCeltic0Log In to Vote
54ConanboywiseCeltic2Log In to Vote
55Condonboythe dark-haired wise manCeltic1Log In to Vote
56Connerboydesire, wise aid, wolf-loverCeltic4Log In to Vote
57Coreyboyraven, from the hollowCeltic2Log In to Vote
58Craigboyfrom near the cragCeltic2Log In to Vote
59Cullenboyyoung animal, handsomeCeltic5Log In to Vote
60CurtasboyBrave,Smart,ThoughtfulCeltic0Log In to Vote
61CyricboyCeltic1Log In to Vote
62Dermotboyfree of envyCeltic0Log In to Vote
63Derryboygreat lover, an ancient heroCeltic0Log In to Vote
64DevnetgirlpoetCeltic0Log In to Vote
65Dierdregirlyoung girl, one who rages, broken-heartedCeltic2Log In to Vote
66Donnellyboya brave black manCeltic1Log In to Vote
67DriscollboyInterpreterCeltic0Log In to Vote
68Duffboydark faced, bakerCeltic0Log In to Vote
69Duncanboydark-skinned warriorCeltic0Log In to Vote
70DunnboybrownCeltic0Log In to Vote
71Edanboyflame, fieryCeltic2Log In to Vote
72Edanagirlzealous, fieryCeltic2Log In to Vote
73EtaingirlshiningCeltic1Log In to Vote
74Fainchegirlsaint's nameCeltic0Log In to Vote
75Fallongirlgrandchild of the ruler, in chargeCeltic12Log In to Vote
76Fergusboyof manly strengthCeltic0Log In to Vote
77Fergusonboyson of FergusCeltic0Log In to Vote
78Fionagirlwhite, fairCeltic11Log In to Vote
79Fionngirlwhite, fairCeltic0Log In to Vote
80Fionnboywhite, fairCeltic0Log In to Vote
81Flynnboyson of the red-haired manCeltic5Log In to Vote
82Gallagherboyeager aideCeltic0Log In to Vote
83GildagirlGod's servantCeltic1Log In to Vote
84Glenboyfrom the valleyCeltic1Log In to Vote
85Graceboybeautiful Celtic0Log In to Vote
86GradserboyCeltic0Log In to Vote
87GregboyfierceCeltic0Log In to Vote
88Gwengirlwhite or fairCeltic3Log In to Vote
89Gwendolyngirlwhite browCeltic3Log In to Vote
90Gwynnegirlwhite or fairCeltic3Log In to Vote
91IsoldegirlbeautifulCeltic3Log In to Vote
92JaymieboyCeltic0Log In to Vote
93Jolinegirlbeautiful person , also a good listenerCeltic0Log In to Vote
94KaiegirlcombatCeltic0Log In to Vote
95Kaitlyngirllittle darlingCeltic6Log In to Vote
96KaitlynngirlCeltic0Log In to Vote
97Karacboya name from Celtic mythologyCeltic0Log In to Vote
98KearneyboywarriorCeltic2Log In to Vote
99Kearyboyfather's dark childCeltic3Log In to Vote
100Keeferboynoble gentleCeltic2Log In to Vote
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