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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
151QadirboypowerfulArabic1Log In to Vote
152QadiragirlpowerfulArabic1Log In to Vote
153QamarboymoonArabic1Log In to Vote
154QamragirlmoonArabic0Log In to Vote
155QasimboydividerArabic1Log In to Vote
156QitarahgirlfragrantArabic0Log In to Vote
157Quasimboyone who divides goods among his peopleArabic0Log In to Vote
158QubilahgirlagreeableArabic0Log In to Vote
159QudamahboycourageArabic0Log In to Vote
160Ramiboyone with good aim, sniperArabic1Log In to Vote
161RaushagirlArabic0Log In to Vote
162RawangirlA flower blooming and the rain drop.Arabic1Log In to Vote
163RehanboyflowerArabic1Log In to Vote
164Rihanagirlsweet basilArabic0Log In to Vote
165RimonboypomegranateArabic0Log In to Vote
166SabbirboyHaving will power to do anythingArabic0Log In to Vote
167SabirahgirlpatientArabic0Log In to Vote
168Sadiragirlostrich returning from waterArabic1Log In to Vote
169Saharagirlthe moonArabic0Log In to Vote
170Saidagirlfortunate oneArabic0Log In to Vote
171Sakinahgirlgod-inspired peace-of-mind, tranquilityArabic0Log In to Vote
172SalehboyrighteousArabic0Log In to Vote
173Salimahgirlsafe, healthyArabic0Log In to Vote
174Salmanboyprotector, conquerorArabic0Log In to Vote
175Salwagirlsolace; comfortArabic0Log In to Vote
176SamarragirlArabic0Log In to Vote
177Samienboyto be heardArabic2Log In to Vote
178Samirahgirlentertaining companionArabic2Log In to Vote
179SammagirlskyArabic0Log In to Vote
180SammonboygrocerArabic1Log In to Vote
181Sareegirlmost nobleArabic1Log In to Vote
182SeemalgirlArabic0Log In to Vote
183Seifboysword of religionArabic2Log In to Vote
184SeleemboySeleemArabic0Log In to Vote
185SelimagirlpeaceArabic2Log In to Vote
186SentukegirlbiblicalArabic0Log In to Vote
187Shaimaagirl A girl with good qualitiesArabic0Log In to Vote
188ShakarboygratefulArabic1Log In to Vote
189ShakiragirlgratefulArabic2Log In to Vote
190Shamaragirlbattle ready warriorArabic0Log In to Vote
191Shammaragirlhe girded his loinsArabic0Log In to Vote
192SharifboyArabic1Log In to Vote
193ShehrzadgirlPrincessArabic0Log In to Vote
194ShunnarboypleasantArabic0Log In to Vote
195SihamgirlarrowsArabic1Log In to Vote
196Sumehragirlbeautiful faceArabic0Log In to Vote
197SundasgirlSilk of HeavenArabic1Log In to Vote
198Surayagirlsun, flock of doves, beautiful bright chanderlierArabic0Log In to Vote
199Taghreedgirlbirds singingArabic0Log In to Vote
200Tahirboychaste, pureArabic0Log In to Vote
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