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51Hanselboyvariant of JohnAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
52HaveryboyStrongAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
53HeatherboyAnglo-Saxon3Log In to Vote
54Hengistboyson of WodonAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
55Irvinboylover of the seaAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
56Jaxboythe light from a fire; a protectorAnglo-Saxon2Log In to Vote
57Kendragirlunderstanding, knowledgeAnglo-Saxon3Log In to Vote
58Kenwayboycourageous in battleAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
59KhaidynboyAnglo-Saxon1Log In to Vote
60Kimballboyroyally braveAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
61KinnaegirlGod's greatest giftAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
62Kirbygirlfrom the church townAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
63Landryboyruler of peaceAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
64LeagirlmeadowAnglo-Saxon7Log In to Vote
65Leannegirlcombination of Lee & AnneAnglo-Saxon3Log In to Vote
66LoxleyboyAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
67Lynngirla cascadeAnglo-Saxon2Log In to Vote
68Maynardboyremarkable strengthAnglo-Saxon1Log In to Vote
69MelnagirlAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
70Mildredgirlmild, powerAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
71Mortonboycity on the moorAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
72MurelleAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
73Newtonboyresidence nameAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
74Nortonboyresidence nameAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
75Orvagirlcourageous friendAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
76Orvinboyboar friendAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
77PearlettegirlAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
78PupuboyA name of peace.Anglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
79Randolphboyshield, wolfAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
80RayligirlBeautifulAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
81RichmondboyAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
82Salisburyboydry townAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
83Sherardboyof splendid valorAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
84Sherwinboyeminent in friendshipAnglo-Saxon1Log In to Vote
85SigebryhtboyAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
86SilvergirlwhiteAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
87Stedmanboyresidence nameAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
88Stuartboya stewardAnglo-Saxon2Log In to Vote
89Tylagirlglorious leader.Anglo-Saxon2Log In to Vote
90Udelegirlrich or prosperousAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
91Walburgagirla might defender, a fortressAnglo-Saxon1Log In to Vote
92WareboywaryAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
93WihtburthgirlAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
94WihtredboyAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
95Wildagirlforest dwellerAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
96WirtboyworthyAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
97Worthingtonboyresidence nameAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
98WulfhereboyAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
99WulfnothboyAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
100WymanboywarriorAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
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