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1Abenigirlgirl prayed forAfrican2Log In to Vote
2Abeogirlcome to bring happinessAfrican0Log In to Vote
3Abagirlborn on ThursdayAfrican1Log In to Vote
4Abibagirlchild born after grandmother diedAfrican0Log In to Vote
5Adeolagirlcrown has honorAfrican0Log In to Vote
6AissagirlgratefulAfrican0Log In to Vote
7AjagirlgoatAfrican1Log In to Vote
8AlunagirlAfrican0Log In to Vote
9ArzikigirlprosperityAfrican0Log In to Vote
10Baakogirlfirst bornAfrican1Log In to Vote
11Caimilegirlname from a proverbAfrican1Log In to Vote
12Catavagirlname from a proverbAfrican1Log In to Vote
13ChipogirlgiftAfrican1Log In to Vote
14EberegirlmercyAfrican2Log In to Vote
15FaizahgirlvictoriousAfrican0Log In to Vote
16Femigirllove meAfrican2Log In to Vote
17FolagirlhonorAfrican0Log In to Vote
18HabikagirlsweetheartAfrican2Log In to Vote
19HalimagirlgentleAfrican0Log In to Vote
20HanangirlmercyAfrican0Log In to Vote
21Isokegirlsatisfying giftAfrican0Log In to Vote
22Jendayigirlgive thanksAfrican0Log In to Vote
23Kadijagirlthe prophet's wiltAfrican0Log In to Vote
24Kambogirlmust work for everythingAfrican0Log In to Vote
25Kanenegirla little thing in the eye is bigAfrican0Log In to Vote
26Kaperagirlthis child, too, will dieAfrican0Log In to Vote
27KarimahgirlgenerousAfrican0Log In to Vote
28Kasindagirlborn to a family with twinsAfrican0Log In to Vote
29KeishagirlfavoriteAfrican0Log In to Vote
30KesiagirlfavoriteAfrican0Log In to Vote
31Lateefahgirlgentle, pleasantAfrican0Log In to Vote
32LimbergirljoyfulnessAfrican0Log In to Vote
33MaizahgirldiscerningAfrican0Log In to Vote
34Malikagirlqueen, princessAfrican1Log In to Vote
35MandisagirlsweetAfrican0Log In to Vote
36MarjanigirlcoralAfrican0Log In to Vote
37Nabelunggirlbeautiful oneAfrican0Log In to Vote
38NailahgirlsucceedingAfrican0Log In to Vote
39NarkeashagirlprettyAfrican0Log In to Vote
40Pembagirlthe force of present existenceAfrican0Log In to Vote
41RashidagirlrighteousAfrican2Log In to Vote
42RaziyagirlagreeableAfrican2Log In to Vote
43SafiyagirlpureAfrican1Log In to Vote
44Saidahgirlhappy, fortunateAfrican0Log In to Vote
45SalihahgirlcorrectAfrican0Log In to Vote
46ShasmeckagirlprincessAfrican0Log In to Vote
47SibongilegirlthanksAfrican0Log In to Vote
48SitembilegirltrustAfrican0Log In to Vote
49SukutaigirlhugAfrican0Log In to Vote
50Takiyahgirlpious, righteousAfrican2Log In to Vote
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