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51DaeunnagirlBeautiful childAfrican0Log In to Vote
52DakaraiboyhappinessAfrican0Log In to Vote
53DamaiahgirlAfrican0Log In to Vote
54DamayagirlStrengthAfrican0Log In to Vote
55DarmarboyAfrican1Log In to Vote
56DavellagirlFrom David and EllaAfrican0Log In to Vote
57DelvioboyPortugueseAfrican0Log In to Vote
58DenetragirlAfrican0Log In to Vote
59DereonboyAfrican0Log In to Vote
60DeshawneboyAfrican1Log In to Vote
61DestanigirlIntelligentAfrican0Log In to Vote
62DeziregirlTo hope for, to want dearlyAfrican0Log In to Vote
63DiashiaboybeautyAfrican0Log In to Vote
64DijigirlFarmerAfrican0Log In to Vote
65DjababoyA first born boy name of a clan in Yilo Krobo-Somanya, Ghana. It means Divine favor of GodAfrican0Log In to Vote
66Donyalegirlborn of Don, will go to great heightsAfrican0Log In to Vote
67DurainlygirlAfrican0Log In to Vote
68E'keriegirlAfrican0Log In to Vote
69EberegirlmercyAfrican2Log In to Vote
70EfegirlBorn on FridayAfrican0Log In to Vote
71ElzenthiagirlAfrican0Log In to Vote
72EneshiagirlbeautifulAfrican0Log In to Vote
73ErielgirlPronounced (Ear-ree-L)African0Log In to Vote
74Essienboysixth-born sonAfrican0Log In to Vote
75FaizahgirlvictoriousAfrican0Log In to Vote
76FarajiboyconsolationAfrican0Log In to Vote
77Femigirllove meAfrican2Log In to Vote
78FolagirlhonorAfrican0Log In to Vote
79GambaboywarriorAfrican1Log In to Vote
80GandhiboypeacemakerAfrican0Log In to Vote
81GarbriellagirlGod is my strenghtAfrican0Log In to Vote
82Gemgirl a bright light of confidenceAfrican0Log In to Vote
83GlaizagirlAfrican0Log In to Vote
84HabikagirlsweetheartAfrican2Log In to Vote
85HalimagirlgentleAfrican0Log In to Vote
86HanangirlmercyAfrican0Log In to Vote
87Ibeamakaboythe agnates are splendidAfrican0Log In to Vote
88IdrisboyAfrican0Log In to Vote
89ImanigirlFaith in GodAfrican0Log In to Vote
90Isokegirlsatisfying giftAfrican0Log In to Vote
91ItagirlAfrican0Log In to Vote
92Jabariboybrave, fearlessAfrican1Log In to Vote
93JadagirlAfrican1Log In to Vote
94Jaelonboystrong & sophisticated oneAfrican0Log In to Vote
95JaharagirlBeautiful, lovelyAfrican0Log In to Vote
96Jaleesagirllovely lierAfrican0Log In to Vote
97jamilkagirlJamil+lakila= jamilkaAfrican0Log In to Vote
98JamiyagirlConfident,Assurant,outgoingAfrican0Log In to Vote
99JaslynngirlAfrican0Log In to Vote
100Jathiyahgirlmost beautiful oneAfrican0Log In to Vote
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