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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
101Vinayagirlgood behaviourHindu0Log In to Vote
102VinitagirlHindu1Log In to Vote
103VinkagirlCeltic0Log In to Vote
104VinvellagirlFrench0Log In to Vote
105Violagirl1Log In to Vote
106VioletgirlvioletLatin17Log In to Vote
107Violettagirl1Log In to Vote
108ViolettegirlVioletFrench0Log In to Vote
109Viragirlnickname for Victora, Victoria, Veronica, etc0Log In to Vote
110Virginiagirlchaste, maidenLatin3Log In to Vote
111Viridisgirlyouthful and bloomingLatin0Log In to Vote
112VirinigirlHindu0Log In to Vote
113Visalagirlcelestial ApsaraHindu0Log In to Vote
114VishalagirlHindu0Log In to Vote
115VitagirllifeLatin0Log In to Vote
116VivgirlEnglish0Log In to Vote
117Vivagirllong live/ full of life0Log In to Vote
118Vivekagirllittle woman, of the strong fortressGerman0Log In to Vote
119VivennegirlAmerican0Log In to Vote
120Viviangirlliving, livelyLatin7Log In to Vote
121VivianagirlSpanish0Log In to Vote
122Viviennegirl.French0Log In to Vote
123Vloriagirlone God blessNative-American0Log In to Vote
124Voletagirlveiled oneGreek0Log In to Vote
125Volettagirlthe veiledFrench0Log In to Vote
126Voltareengirlfrom the name Voltare0Log In to Vote
127VonagirlGreek0Log In to Vote
128VondagirlCeltic0Log In to Vote
129VondelagirlBeauty; she who makes people smileAmerican, French, Latin1Log In to Vote
130VononnagirlCalmness American0Log In to Vote
131Vonsheagirlgoddness of peaceAfrican0Log In to Vote
132Vrindagirlvirtue and strengthHindu0Log In to Vote
133VyragirlTruth, FaithAmerican0Log In to Vote
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