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1Oliviagirlsymbol of peaceLatin40Log In to Vote
2Opheliagirluseful, wiseGreek7Log In to Vote
3Olympiagirlof Mount Olympus, heavenlyGreek6Log In to Vote
4Olivegirlkind one; olive tree, peace, symbol of peaceNorse, Latin, French4Log In to Vote
5Octaviagirleighth childLatin2Log In to Vote
6OpalgirljewelSanskrit2Log In to Vote
7Odettegirlhappy homeFrench2Log In to Vote
8Odelettegirllittle songFrench, Greek2Log In to Vote
9OhnagirlForm of AnaSwedish1Log In to Vote
10OceannagirlAmerican1Log In to Vote
11OceangirlArabic, Celtic, Hindu, Irish1Log In to Vote
12Oriannagirlgolden, dawningLatin1Log In to Vote
13Oriolegirlfair-hairedLatin1Log In to Vote
14OonagirlunityGaelic, Latin1Log In to Vote
15Orlagirlgolden womanLatin1Log In to Vote
16Oksanagirlglory be to GodRussian1Log In to Vote
17Odessagirlodyssey, journey, voyageGreek1Log In to Vote
18Olrandagirl1Log In to Vote
19Oraliagirlthe goldenLatin1Log In to Vote
20Odeliagirllittle wealthy one, praise GodGerman, Hebrew1Log In to Vote
21Oriegirl0Log In to Vote
22OliakugirlShe who enjoys wealthAfrican0Log In to Vote
23OginaligirlFriendNative-American0Log In to Vote
24Ororogirl0Log In to Vote
25Orlenagirlthe goldenLatin0Log In to Vote
26Orlanthagirlfrom the landGerman0Log In to Vote
27OwamigirlShe is mineAfrican0Log In to Vote
28Orlandagirlbright sunLatin0Log In to Vote
29OsheengirlAmerican, Japanese0Log In to Vote
30Onagirlgraceful oneLithuanian0Log In to Vote
31Ortensiagirlgardener, farmerLatin0Log In to Vote
32Orvagirlcourageous friendAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
33Ovegirl0Log In to Vote
34OshenagirlNative-American0Log In to Vote
35OneekagirlLoveEnglish0Log In to Vote
36OluwakemigirlGod pamper meYoruban0Log In to Vote
37Onnagirl0Log In to Vote
38OmobolanlegirlChild Meet wealth at homeAfrican0Log In to Vote
39O' ZanonygirlAmerican0Log In to Vote
40OmmikagirlHindu, Polish0Log In to Vote
41Oriellagirlmixture between oriel (a bird) and ella (part of a flower's name)American0Log In to Vote
42Oniellagirlfemine of Oneal meaning "champion"0Log In to Vote
43Oarengirlloving,kindRussian0Log In to Vote
44OakvarigirlOak ShadowEstonian0Log In to Vote
45Orindagirlfire serpentTeutonic0Log In to Vote
46Orielgirlgolden, angel of destinyFrench0Log In to Vote
47Oribelgirlgolden beautyLatin0Log In to Vote
48OlcaygirlTurkish0Log In to Vote
49Olayinkagirlhonors surround meYoruban0Log In to Vote
50OlathegirlbeautifulNative-American0Log In to Vote
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