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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
101FrankiegirlScottish0Log In to Vote
102FranzengirlAmerican0Log In to Vote
103FranziskagirlA German version of Francesca German0Log In to Vote
104FredagirlpeacefuTeutonic0Log In to Vote
105Fredericagirlpeaceful rulerTeutonic0Log In to Vote
106Frederikagirlpeaceful rulerGerman0Log In to Vote
107FrederiquegirlFrench1Log In to Vote
108FredesvindagirlScandinavian0Log In to Vote
109Freedagirl0Log In to Vote
110Freyagirlnoble woman, Goddess of love and seductionNorwegian1Log In to Vote
111FridagirlPeacefulTeutonic0Log In to Vote
112Friedagirlpeace, joyGerman0Log In to Vote
113Friedelgirl0Log In to Vote
114Frostgirl1Log In to Vote
115Frumagirlone who is religiousYiddish0Log In to Vote
116Fuensantagirla holy fountainSpanish0Log In to Vote
117FujitagirlfieldJapanese0Log In to Vote
118FulviagirlblondeLatin0Log In to Vote
119FusciennegirlblackLatin0Log In to Vote
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