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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1ChloegirlbloomingGreek48Log In to Vote
2Charlottegirlpetite and feminineFrench32Log In to Vote
3Clairegirlbright, shining, clearLatin23Log In to Vote
4Carolinegirlstrong, melody, song, song of joyGerman, French20Log In to Vote
5CheyennegirlNative-American20Log In to Vote
6CatherinegirlpureGreek17Log In to Vote
7Caragirldear, diamondLatin15Log In to Vote
8Carlygirllittle, womanlyLatin14Log In to Vote
9CelestegirlheavenlyLatin11Log In to Vote
10Caseygirlbrave, watchfulCeltic, Gaelic10Log In to Vote
11Christinagirlanointed, follows ChristGreek9Log In to Vote
12Coragirlmaiden, small stoneGreek9Log In to Vote
13Cassandragirlprophet of doomGreek9Log In to Vote
14Cadencegirlmelodious, to fallLatin9Log In to Vote
15CoralinegirlBaby Girl Name. Meaning: From the semi-precious sea growth coral.English9Log In to Vote
16Cassidygirl8Log In to Vote
17Courtneygirlfrom the courtEnglish8Log In to Vote
18Calistagirlmost beautifulGreek8Log In to Vote
19CandicegirlGreek7Log In to Vote
20Calliegirl7Log In to Vote
21Calypsogirlone who concealsGreek7Log In to Vote
22Corinnegirl7Log In to Vote
23Caitlyngirl7Log In to Vote
24CayleighgirlpartyGaelic7Log In to Vote
25CeciliagirlblindLatin7Log In to Vote
26Camerongirlbent nose, dark-haired beautyEnglish6Log In to Vote
27CayleegirlAmerican6Log In to Vote
28Carmengirlgarden, field of fruit, songHebrew, Latin6Log In to Vote
29Chelseagirlriver landing place, portEnglish6Log In to Vote
30Carriegirlsong of joyFrench6Log In to Vote
31CasidygirlAmerican5Log In to Vote
32CaitlingirlpureCeltic, Welsh5Log In to Vote
33Colettegirlvictory of the peopleGreek5Log In to Vote
34ChanelgirlcanalFrench5Log In to Vote
35CarleighgirlfreeholderGerman5Log In to Vote
36Camillegirlattendant at a religious ceremonyLatin5Log In to Vote
37Constancegirlfaithful, firmnessLatin5Log In to Vote
38Cordeliagirlrope, heart, a sea jewelLatin5Log In to Vote
39Charlenegirlsmall beautyFrench5Log In to Vote
40CoringirlEnglish5Log In to Vote
41Cambriegirl5Log In to Vote
42ClarissagirlclearLatin5Log In to Vote
43Calebgirlbold, dogHebrew4Log In to Vote
44Capricegirlfanciful, unpredictableItalian4Log In to Vote
45ColleengirlgirlCeltic, Gaelic4Log In to Vote
46Chandragirleminent, illustrious, moonSanskrit4Log In to Vote
47Carolyngirl4Log In to Vote
48CaleygirlslenderGaelic4Log In to Vote
49Cindygirl4Log In to Vote
50Calliopegirlbeautiful voiceGreek4Log In to Vote
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