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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
51Beatrixgirlshe who blessesLatin3Log In to Vote
52BeatrizgirlhappinessLatin0Log In to Vote
53BebegirlbabyFrench2Log In to Vote
54Beccalynngirlcombination name of Becca and LynnEnglish0Log In to Vote
55Bechetgirl0Log In to Vote
56Beckygirlthe ensnarerHebrew2Log In to Vote
57BedeliagirlstrengthFrench1Log In to Vote
58BeezusgirlA golden highlight in lifeAmerican, Hawaiian0Log In to Vote
59Belgirlsacred wood apple treeHindu0Log In to Vote
60BelagirlwhiteCzech0Log In to Vote
61BelamiegirlFrench0Log In to Vote
62Beliciagirldedicated to godSpanish2Log In to Vote
63Belindagirlbeautiful snakeSpanish, Italian1Log In to Vote
64BellagirlbeautifulLatin13Log In to Vote
65BellagirlbeautifulFrench12Log In to Vote
66Bella-nègirl0Log In to Vote
67Belladonnagirlbeautiful womanItalian3Log In to Vote
68Bellalyngirl0Log In to Vote
69Bellalyndgirl0Log In to Vote
70BellancagirlstrongholdGreek0Log In to Vote
71Bellatrixgirlfemale warriorLatin6Log In to Vote
72Bellavanigirl1Log In to Vote
73Bellceezgirlpretty flowerTurkish0Log In to Vote
74BellegirlbeautifulFrench5Log In to Vote
75Bellphinagirlmeaning is loving American0Log In to Vote
76Bemvindagirlwelcome0Log In to Vote
77Bencygirlnice girlHindu0Log In to Vote
78Benettagirlthe blessedLatin0Log In to Vote
79BenitagirlblessedLatin1Log In to Vote
80Benquashagirldaughter of BenNative-American1Log In to Vote
81Bentinagirl0Log In to Vote
82Bentleegirla carAmerican0Log In to Vote
83Bentleeygirla carAmerican0Log In to Vote
84Bentleygirla carAmerican0Log In to Vote
85Bentlygirla carAmerican0Log In to Vote
86Berangrgirlcourage of a bearFrench0Log In to Vote
87Berdinegirlbright maidenTeutonic0Log In to Vote
88Beritgirlbright, gloriousGerman0Log In to Vote
89Bernadettegirlbold as a bearGerman1Log In to Vote
90Bernadinegirlfemale version for Bernard1Log In to Vote
91Bernicegirlbringer of victoryGreek1Log In to Vote
92Bertagirlglorious, learning, brightGerman, Teutonic0Log In to Vote
93Berthagirlbright or gloriousTeutonic0Log In to Vote
94Bertinagirlbright, shiningTeutonic0Log In to Vote
95Bessgirlconsecrated to GodHebrew1Log In to Vote
96Betagirldedicated to godCzech0Log In to Vote
97Bethgirlhouse of god, worshiper of GodHebrew2Log In to Vote
98Bethaniegirl1Log In to Vote
99Bethanygirlworshiper of GodHebrew14Log In to Vote
100Bethesdagirlhouse of mercyHebrew1Log In to Vote
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