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1Adelyngirl29Log In to Vote
2Abigailgirlhead of a monastery, a father's joyEnglish, Hebrew25Log In to Vote
3AutumngirlautumnLatin23Log In to Vote
4Ariagirlbeautiful melodyLatin23Log In to Vote
5AnnabellegirljoyCeltic20Log In to Vote
6Avagirla birdGerman19Log In to Vote
7AuroragirldawnLatin19Log In to Vote
8Ameliagirlflatterer, work of the Lord, belovedLatin19Log In to Vote
9AnastasiagirlresurrectionGreek18Log In to Vote
10AlyssagirllogicalGreek17Log In to Vote
11Allisongirlof noble birthGerman17Log In to Vote
12Anyagirlfrom the name AnnaSlavic17Log In to Vote
13Ainsleygirlmy meadowScottish16Log In to Vote
14Averygirlruler of the elvesAnglo-Saxon16Log In to Vote
15Alexandragirlhelper of mankindGreek16Log In to Vote
16Alexagirlprotector of mankindGreek16Log In to Vote
17Aubreygirlelf ruleGerman14Log In to Vote
18Addisyngirlvariant spelling of AddisonItalian13Log In to Vote
19Aubreegirlblonde rulerFrench13Log In to Vote
20Aspengirltype of treeEnglish12Log In to Vote
21Adrianagirldark, richSpanish12Log In to Vote
22Angelagirlheavenly messengerGreek11Log In to Vote
23ArianagirlsilveryWelsh11Log In to Vote
24Ambergirlyellow-brown, precious jewelArabic11Log In to Vote
25Arielgirllioness of godHebrew11Log In to Vote
26Alexisgirlprotector of mankindGreek11Log In to Vote
27Aislinngirla dream, vision, inspirationCeltic10Log In to Vote
28Adelaidegirlnoble kind, adornedHebrew, Latin10Log In to Vote
29AnabellegirllovableLatin10Log In to Vote
30Aliviagirlform of OliviaAustralian10Log In to Vote
31Aaliyahgirlhigh exalted, to ascendArabic, Hebrew10Log In to Vote
32AngelgirlangelicGreek10Log In to Vote
33Alicegirlnoble, truthGerman, Greek9Log In to Vote
34Aprilgirlblooming, openingLatin9Log In to Vote
35Addisongirl"noble"German9Log In to Vote
36Audreygirlnoble strengthEnglish9Log In to Vote
37AdriannagirldarkRomanian, French9Log In to Vote
38AriannagirlholyGreek8Log In to Vote
39Alanagirlfair, beautiful, offeringGaelic, Hawaiian8Log In to Vote
40Anikagirlvery beautiful, gracefulHindu8Log In to Vote
41Adalaidegirlnoble, variant of HeidiEnglish8Log In to Vote
42Alisongirlof sacred fameTeutonic8Log In to Vote
43Aylagirloak treeHebrew8Log In to Vote
44Ashleygirlash-treeEnglish7Log In to Vote
45Amandagirllove, worthy of love, precious thingLatin7Log In to Vote
46AlannagirlfairCeltic7Log In to Vote
47aerabellagirlbeautifulAmerican7Log In to Vote
48Audragirlfrom the name AudreyFrench7Log In to Vote
49Abbygirlhead of a monasteryLatin7Log In to Vote
50AffinitygirlAmerican6Log In to Vote
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